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Lung Injury and Illness Update: What you need to know to vape safe

We started Bee-Nails because we wanted to make safer, healthier vaporizer products for ourselves, our friends and family, and everyone. That’s why we built Bee-Nails, and we work everyday towards that goal. This is how we can help you #BeeYourBest

Since we last wrote about this topic, the number of illnesses and deaths linked to dubious vape products has sharply declined. We are grateful to all those helping to reform the industry and spread awareness of the dangers of using vaporizer products from unlicensed retailers. 


An update on the 2019 outbreak

Last year, there was an outbreak of hospital visits and deaths associated with vaping and the use of vape products. None of these deaths were connected to e-nails, wax dab pens,  or any Bee-Nails vaporizer products. 

Most of the deaths were linked to black market pre filled cartridges as well as cheap, disposable, portable vape pens. This is the reason why we made our patent pending wax cartomizer, so you can load your own concentrates that you know are safe. 

A total of 68 deaths were confirmed in all 50 states as of February of this year, and the vast majority were associated with off-market, illicit products and products containing vitamin E acetate. When these things were identified as potential causes, the industry and regulators worked together to get the problem products off the market and to inform the public of their potential danger. 

The effort has been incredibly successful in reducing cases of lung illness and keeping people safe.

Best practices to bee your best

As the Bee-Nails Colony knows, all of our products meet and exceed safety regulations, and we go above and beyond what is required in our own product testing to ensure the highest quality and safety of every single item we sell. None of our products were involved in any of the reported incidents. 

We love what we make and can personally attest to the benefits of the responsible use of vape products. That being said, we do have some guidelines to follow to keep you safe and enjoying dabs for years to come:

  • Never use vaporizer products unless you know where they came from. 
  • Avoid any black market retailers and even licensed retailers without a solid reputation.
  • Only purchase cannabis products from licensed dispensaries. 
  • Don’t use concentrates that contain vitamin E acetate or other sketchy additives.
  • As always, if you have lung issues or other health complications, check with your doctor before using vaporizer products at all.  

Bee Your Best,

The Bee Nails team