2020 Election: Forget Red & Blue, Green States are Taking Over


In a clean sweep victory, the only clear winner on election night 2020 was cannabis—and all you good people out there who supported the various ballot measures to legalize the use and distribution of our personal favorite plant.


Voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota legalized the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use, while establishing a regulated retail market and giving companies like ours a path forward. Additionally, Mississippi approved the use of medical marijuana, and favoring a less restrictive measure than an alternate proposal placed on the ballot by lawmakers. Celebratory dab anyone? (We’ve got the best dab rig for that!)


Perhaps most notably, these results prove that legalization of cannabis is not a blue state issue, but a movement supported by the majority of all Americans, across geographic and demographic lines and regardless of party affiliation. 


At Bee Nails, this has been obvious to us for years—our hive members come from all over the map, rural and urban, old and young, black and white, and use our dab pens and dab rigs for everything from focusing at work to calming anxiety. We are not a fringe group, but a large and growing population of productive, motivated citizens. We’re grateful for this very visual, unequivocal proof that lawmakers can no longer ignore.


Recreational marijuana use is now legal for adults in 15 states and Washington, D.C., and medical marijuana is legal in 35 states. This is a significant increase from 2012, when Colorado and Washington were the only states to pass such measures.


While this is all great news, the work isn’t over. The regulatory structures that each one of these states must now build can have their own hurdles. We’ll keep you posted as things unfold like a tangled e-nail coil ;). Until then, Bee Your Best—the country depends on it.