You got to know! You got to know the three reasons why marijuana must be legal! I've been smoking cannabis for the past decade - flower, oil, dabs….electric nails, blunts, wax pens, you name it.

Now. I'm not just any cannabis consumer. I've been immersed in the cannabis industry for the last seven years. As the founder and CEO of Bee-Nails, our leading cannabis vaporizer company, I've had the opportunity to go to dozens and dozens of trade shows and events and meet with dozens and dozens of leading scientists, cannabis scientists around the world who studied the plant on a daily basis.

What? You thought being CEO of Bee-Nails meant I only get free vape pens all the time? C’mon man, I get to smoke down with scientists, influencers, other CEOs, and learn about multiple facets of the marijuana industry on a deep level.

Now, today we're not going to get into all the details of the science and the endocannabinoid system and terpene profiles, but we are going to get into the three arguments of why cannabis must be legal.


Reason #1: Better Sleep

Sleep Dab

According to the University of Michigan, one in three adults takes something to sleep. And I'm sorry Big Pharma but most sleeping pills out there are horrible for you. I mean, some are causing people to do crazy things like hallucinate before falling asleep, sleep walking, or extreme mood swings due to being super sleepy during the day, and the list goes on and on.

Have you ever heard those commercials that have endless side effects? “Oh, watch out for side effect number one, number two, number three, number four, number five number six. That's horrible!

Compared to cannabis, which I can tell you for the past decade has been my number one sleep aid. The worst side effect you're gonna get to that is made the munchies and maybe too much of a good night's sleep. Maybe you're gonna sleep an extra hour or two. But compared to the sleeping pills, this is a much better not to mention it all natural alternative. Trash the pills and switch on your e-nail. Or if that’s not for you grab your dab pen and take a nice puff after you brush your teeth.


Reason #2: Cancer Treatment

Cancer Dab

Cancer treatment today is a massive scam I mean, wake up seriously?! There's billions and billions of dollars being pumped into cancer research every year, yet there's still no cure?! There’s something fishy going on here. Right?!?

My grandfather unfortunately died of cancer. My father was diagnosed with cancer and I've had conversations with multiple oncologists who often give horrible information. One of them, actually from Houston, MD Anderson Center, which apparently is the best Cancer Center in the world, had the audacity when I asked him “Doctor, what should my father eat during the biggest fight of his life against cancer?”…that oncologist actually said, He can eat whatever he wants, as long as he's getting food down during the chemo, I'm happy.”….. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Whatever he wants?! We’re talking the fuel to fight off cancer cells to put in your body and you're saying whatever you want.

Long story short, unfortunately, oncologists have been brainwashed in our medical system to think that chemo, pumping chemicals into our body is the best solution for cancer. Now don't get me wrong, with progressed stages of cancer, chemo may be the best scenario in some cases, but the facts are that we have moved way too far away from natural treatments, and cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells. On top of that cannabis helps people who are taking chemo actually build up an appetite and application where the munchies are actually good and it can help them be high quality, high alkaline foods that fight cancer cells baby!


Reason #3 Mood Disorders 

Yoga Dab

According to the CDC, approximately 15% of US adults have taken some sort of anti depressant in the last 30 days. Now, I have never taken antidepressants, but I know people who have and these are things that you have to take all the time and then if you don't take them, they really give you mood swings. Forme, using cannabis has really helped me tap into what I like to call my “Sweet Man”. I feel sweeter, I feel nicer.

I feel like I have more compassion and empathy for other people. I can be a cranky ass dude and one puff of my my Pollinator wax dab pen helps me feel so much better. On top of that, cannabis is a beautiful plant that reminds us of the oneness that we truly are that we truly are one that we truly are all connected in some beautiful, special way.

There's a great saying which I think still remains to this day. If we all pass the bong, we would all get along. There’s some things that unlock in my brain that help me to elevate my mood after a nice session. When we use cannabis, we feel a little happier. We feel a little euphoric. In some instances, we feel more creative but it helps us feel better and again, just like the sleeping pills. when it comes to anti depressants; cannabis is an all natural alternative that does not have a long list of potential side effects.