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A new CBD product to increase energy and delight the senses

Introducing Bee Nails’ Sweet Honey CBD Shatter


Put down that coffee—we’ve got a CBD product that delivers pure, clean energy, tastes amazing and is completely THC-free, giving you the sustainable boost you need to plug through that new creative project or another heavy work day. 


Our Sweet Honey CBD Shatter is making waves for its incredible flavor and ease of consumption. It’s made from pure plant extracts derived from organic Colorado hemp farms and producers we know and trust (an important feature in an industry that has some bad actors). 

Bee-Nails Swett Honey CBD Shatter Close Up


CBD is gaining popularity worldwide—in a 2019 Gallup poll, one in seven Americans said they use cannabidiol. It can come in a number of forms, including crumble, wax, oils and now shatter, our new favorite. 


CBD Shatter

CBD shatter gets its name from its brittle, glass-like texture that easily breaks off into the serving size of your choice, perfect for any size dab rig (connected to an electric nail of course), single serving dab pen or oil vape pen. You can also ingest it when blended with your choice of edible oils such as hemp seed, MCT, olive, avocado, etc, and it’s great for mixing with food and beverages. 

Pure, clear-headed flavor

Our sweet honey CBD shatter is flavored with terpenes—aromatic compounds found in plants, like those used in essential oils. The cannabis plant has over 100 identified terpenes, and each of them can blend into a unique terpene type and composition. By interacting with cannabinoids, they are creating a powerful synergy for even more significant wellness effects.

The terpenes used in our CBD shatter mimic popular medical marijuana strains and deliver countless health benefits and deep flavor. Our unique combination offers a smooth and sweet, honey-like profile. 

Since our shatter is isolate-based, it is perfect for those who desire to avoid THC entirely, as well as those who prefer to deliver CBD in its most concentrated form.

Whether you’re a CBD purest or cannabis user looking for an occasional alternative to THC, try our Sweet Honey CBD Shatter for the high energy that allows you to #BeeYourBest at work and play.