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Meet Kasey Rivera, the artist behind our new “Oh Hunni” wrap

It’s not everyday you meet a 12-year-old who wants to be a tattoo artist, and it's even rarer that she actually makes it happen—but Kasey Rivera of Taboo Tattoos has always been exceptional.

“Permanent art has been my calling for as long as I can remember,” she said.
Kasey, now 26, is a tattoo artist at Taboo Tattoos in Keyport, New Jersey, and the designer behind our newest Bee-Nail e-nail wrap. She’s been working in tattoo shops since 2016, and mastered many different tattoo styles and skills including stippling, fine line, black work with color pops, geometric designs and occasionally traditional pieces. Who knew that those skills would come in handy for designing a beautiful electric nail!

For nearly a decade, Kasey has been using cannabis as a healthy way to ease anxiety and stress and focus on her craft. She’s also a big fan of the use of both cannabis and CBD in her industry, as she knows it helps her clients calm their pre-tattoo nerves, and has seen firsthand the positive impact of CBD healing cream on freshly tattooed skin.

“I think cannabis is helpful medically, and extremely beneficial,” she said. “Natural is always the best way to go with healing skin.”

Kasey’s favorite way to consume cannabis is through glass or pipes, and she was introduced to Bee Nails via her friend Jenna, Bee-Nail’s VP of Products. Maybe one the day she will give the best dab pens from Bee-Nails a try!

The “Oh Hunni” wrap showcases Kasey’s command of color and geometric design while incorporating our iconic bee and love for the hive. It’s guaranteed to give your e-nail that fresh look you’ve been wanting.

To learn more about Kasey and her art, follow her on Instagram at @kasey.tattoos.