🐝 Bee-Nails Closing this Summer: Up to 70% Off (while supplies last)🐝

 This Friday we’re kicking off a sale to support our friends at Animals and Kids Rescue, a Florida-based nonprofit dedicated to giving children an opportunity to grow and learn with rescued animals.

 The organization, started by sisters Jill Stickles and Kim Aquedo in 2017, provides equine and animal-assisted emotional and spiritual support to all those in need, especially children who have experienced trauma from human trafficking, sexual violence, and other forms of childhood adversity.

 The founding sisters have always loved horses, and wanted to create a safe place for children to be away from the pressures of social media and to learn responsibility, compassion, self confidence and love by helping care for rescued animals. 

 “Our mission is to help form meaningful relationships between animals and children that promote healing through rehabilitation, while providing a safe haven to find refuge and redemption from pain suffered,” they said. “As our friends at Bee-Nails would put it, we help these children Bee their Best.”

 The ranch is currently home to 10 rescued horses, three rescued pigs and lots of chickens, turkeys and barn cats.

 “God's presence all around in the abundance of nature brings about the freedom to just be, to run and play with the animals we share our lives with,” their website states. 

 Bee Nails got connected to Animals and Kids via VP of Products Jenna Keating, whose mother in law is a longtime volunteer and friend. Jenna has also helped the organization with some marketing and events. 

 Support the mission of Animals and Kids by pulling the trigger on some of your favorite Bee Nails products this week—10 percent of all our proceeds will go towards the cause. Better yet, get your hands dirty by volunteering on site to build fencing, help with barn maintenance, and care for the animals. 

 If you’re passionate about the mission but not a local, consider giving them a shout out on social media or sponsoring a child to attend the ranch. 

Find out more at animalsandkidsswfl.com.

Facebook: Animals and Kids Rescue LLC

IG: AnimalsAndKidRescue