Can you be a cannabis consumer and be an effective leader? Are there leaders that are effective who habitually use cannabis? The answer is yes, of course. Leaders present many different skills and these known leaders both use cannabis and exemplify key leadership qualities.

Jay Z, need I say more? This man is a leader in many ways. This is no secret that he used cannabis as he spoke openly about it in many of his songs. His biggest leadership quality in my opinion is that he was authentic. He wrote a book called Decoded which he explains how he advises artists to not create hit songs to be played on the radio because while it may work in the short run it will never be sustaining. He says, “ it is a house made of sand.” Be true to you.

Richard Branson is quite the successful business leader. Creating massive successes like Virgin Air, Virgin Group Investment Company and author of multiple books. Richard’s best leadership ability is that he creates other great leaders. He knows that when the tide rises all ships rise therefore making the whole better. Remember we are only as strong as our weakest member.

Ali Abouzalam, the founder of Bee Nails. While not quite as famous as the other two, he is a leader who will eventually be as big as these other two. As the founder of a vaporizer brand, he is quite open with his use of cannabis to help him perform. One of his strong leadership qualities is that he is vulnerable. Vulnerability in a leader is important because it takes courage and people need courageous leaders.

Cannabis and great leaders can go hand in hand. These three examples are proof that consuming THC/CBD doesn’t hinder one’s ability to perform at high levels. Being authentic, vulnerable and creating other great leaders are great qualities to embody while you are improving to be a cannabis conscience leader.