Bee-Nails recently made a major step forward for the cannabis industry in Fort Collins - on August 30, Bee-Nails became the first cannabis-related company to be inducted into the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce

The journey to become a member of the Chamber of Commerce began when the owners of Bee-Nails wanted to make a stronger connection with the local community and with other businesses. Cannabis businesses are not generally considered for induction, but because Bee-Nails sells no cannabis plant, only hardware and products to use with cannabis, the company was able to navigate around the traditional rules.

Other companies that share the same office building as Bee-Nails were already involved with the Chamber of Commerce.

"We were asked by our office neighbors to attend a meeting even though no cannabis companies were allowed in as they sold federally illegal products," Bee-Nails co-founder Ali Abouzalam said. 

There are over 1,200 businesses involved in the Chamber of Commerce. The organization is owned and operated by members, with the intention to "support a healthy and vibrant environment in which to live, work and do business," according to a mission statement on the Chamber of Commerce website.

The Chamber of Commerce aims to be an advocate for legislation that enhances the economic climate of the Front Range areas. 

"For Bee-Nails, this means we are a trailblazer in our community being the first cannabis industry company to be inducted out of the thousand-plus member businesses in the Fort Collins Chamber," Abouzalam said. "We now have an influence amongst business leaders in our community to use the vast resources throughout the chamber to push the agenda of legal cannabis within our community."

Bee-Nails has won awards for their products in the past, but this marks the first involvement with a business society for the company.

Being the first cannabis company to be inducted will hopefully allow other cannabis-related businesses to have a stronger voice in local business affairs. For now, Bee-Nails is happy to represent the industry in the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce.

"We are very proud to have a voice amongst the business leaders in our community and to be a trailblazer in our industry," Abouzalam said.