As you toss your used-up cannabis oil vape cartridge in the trash, you might wonder, Can I recycle this instead? The short answer is no. With the popularity of vape pens and dab pens steadily rising, this is a massive problem. 

Just how massive?

According to BDS Analytics, the industry leader in cannabis market data, more than 25 million cartridges [were used] in the last four years alone. What makes this even more shocking is that this statistic is only for Colorado, California, and Oregon. Imagine the number for the entire United States or for the whole world. 

As an environmentally-friendly cannabis community, we know that is not being our best.

Urge for change?

Since the current cartridges are not recyclable, what can you do? Here at Bee-Nails, we want to be part of the solution and so we’ve created an answer for you.

King bees and queen bees, we're thrilled to introduce the new, patent-pending, reusable Bee-Nails cartomizer, the industry's newest cartridge technology. Basically, if a ceramic atomizer and your standard oil cartridge had a baby, it’d be the Bee-Nails cartomizer. Although we can't recycle cartridges, we can reduce and reuse them, two equally important arrows in the recycling trilogy. We can reduce waste by choosing reusable products for a happier and healthier environment. 

Universal Battery for Universal Impact

We asked over 100 dabbers on the Bee-Nails Instagram page how long it takes them to go through a disposable cartridge. The average time was about one week. 

With the Bee-Nails cartomizer, if you're a daily user, we recommend you replace it after one month. If you are a semi-weekly user, we recommend up to three months. Therefore king and queen bees you are helping reduce waste by at least 4-1,200%.

We created the cartomizer as a universal 510 thread so you can use it with any battery, even if it's not a Bee-Nails battery. We want to help all cannabis users be a part of the solution, no matter the company you are purchasing from, so you, too, can Bee Your Best. 

Help us help you, so that together, we can help our community and help our world. Bee Your Best. 

Keep an eye out for the Bee-Nails and Denver Dab Co. cartomizer kits coming to a dispensary near you. They'll not only carry our cartomizers but also 500 milligrams of premium live resin from Denver Dab Co., a local Colorado extraction company.