When it comes to concentrates, the name of the game is achieving temperature consistency. If your dab rig gets too hot, you get a dab that tastes and smells like hot melted plastic — not ideal. On the other hand, if you don’t heat up your dab rig enough, your concentrates will begin to pool at the base of the nail, giving off little, if any, vapor — wasting your concentrate. It goes without saying that finding and retaining your ideal temperature is of the utmost importance for a delicious dabbing experience.

Traditionally speaking, attempting to achieve the optimal temperature has been a job left to the butane torch, a popular yet sketchy heating mechanism that can be difficult to control the level of output — especially if you’re already a few dabs deep.

What most people result to when using a butane torch for heating up their dab rigs is excessively heating the dab nail then playing the waiting game before each hit in order to attempt to avoid a mistimed disaster of melted plastic taste.

Thankfully, technology has finally caught up in the world of concentrates with the emergence of the revolutionary e-nail onto the scene, so it’s finally time to ditch the torch and get your hands on an e-nail for a better way to experience dabbing.

E-Nail: A Brief Background

E-nails, short for electronic nails, provide you with a way to electronically heat up your dab rig without using an open flame.


The technology behind e-nails is simple. E-nail dab sets are typically comprised of a controller box which delivers heat through a coil that connects directly to the dab nail. These electric-powered boxes allow for complete and total temperature control by granting users the ability to regulate the amount of heat to their dab rigs with the touch of a button.


With an e-nail, all it takes is simply turning the unit on, setting your e-nail to your preferred temperature, and waiting briefly for the unit to indicate that it has reached the set temperature. Then you can dab away for as long as your heart desires.

Benefits of E-Nails for Dabs

Temperature Control

As we mentioned, you can now get the same temperature control that you’ve grown to love out of your portable wax vape with your favorite dab rig. What’s so great about this? Not only do you not have to worry about constantly breaking out the butane torch every time you go to take a hit (or worse, have to run to the hardware store to get a refill), but you also can experiment with taking dabs at a variety of temperatures in order to determine which offers the optimal experience for you.



Outside of the fact that you are using a powerful open flame controlled by an extremely sensitive, pressurized canister, torches also contain excessive amounts of butane, a highly volatile and unpredictably dangerous gas. It’s all too easy to burn yourself, or even worse, when using these contraptions for heating your dab nails. The butane you inhale can also make it very easy to, at the very least, have an overwhelming experience. Even further, though, it can inflict immediate damage on brain cells and leave many long-term effects like respiratory failure, kidney failure, and more.


Cleaner Concentrates

Another benefit associated with e-nails is a much cleaner and healthier concentrate experience. For those of you that have never had the privilege of tasting concentrates without the use of a butane torch, you are in for one heck of a treat. Without all of the unhealthy chemicals that you inevitably consume alongside your concentrate when heating with a torch, you get a much more pure, natural, almost piney taste hit after hit.


Dabs For Days

E-nails require very little power to operate, meaning not only are you using less energy, but you can also keep your e-rig (dab rig controlled by an e-nail) heated and ready to go for hours on end, taking as many hits from your rig as you like without having to mess with anything. No other rig or device can handle the sheer volume of dabs in such a short time frame, especially not a torch.


It goes without saying that the world is moving to electronic solutions of just about everything we use, so why should your dab rig be left out of the equation? If you’re ready to transform your dab rig into an e-rig, order your e-nail online from Bee-Nails, the leader in e-nail dab sets, and join the colony today!