Best Enail Kits with Rig

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The best E-nail kits are a great way to enjoy dabbing. With them, you can control the temperature of your banger nail and the vapor produced. Our team of dab experts has put together a list of Bee-Nail's favorite e-nail kits with rigs that are worth checking out if you're in the market for one yourself:

Best E-nail Kits with Rig List

 These e-nails are a great way to get started with dabbing, and we hope you'll give one a try:

#1. L.I.P Hive E-Nail Kit

#1. L.I.P Hive E-Nail Kit

L.I.P Hive E-Nail Kit

The L.I.P E-Nail with dab rig is the best kit for your dab rig. The hand-selected package is the ultimate dabber's choice to give you clean, potent, and throat-soothing hits all day. Before packaging this e-nail kit, everything must be pretested to fit your preferred rig perfectly.

With a beautiful cyclone function and a L.I.P Incycler rig,  this enail kit has incredible functionality. 

#2. Shwayze Hive E-Nail Kit

#2. Shwayze Hive E-Nail Kit

Shwayze Hive E-Nail Kit

The Shwayze Hive E-Nail Kit with rig is a high quality kit in our Bee-Nails store that features on the Best e-Nail of 2022 List.

ShwayzeGlass, Colorado-based rig artists, design the e-nail rig. We recommend this enail kit with a dab rig for the outdoor dabbing experience as it helps emphasize the theme of its maker; while crafting it, the crafter got his inspiration from the serene terrains of the Colorado mountains.

Our team of experts also hand-selected the nail setup and rig for this e-nail kit for the ultimate experience.

Shwayze Hive E-Nail Kit's iconic features include an internal drain flowing through the intake percolator. A dual uptake gives this rig an advantage over the rest, giving you easy-to-draw, smooth hits.

#3. Sunny Wave Drone e-nail Kit

#3. Sunny Wave Drone e-nail Kit

Sunny Wave Drone e-nail Kit

The Bee-Nails Wave Drone is a perfect pick for your beautiful enail rig. When dabbing, you will experience powerful yet relaxing dab hits that complement your e-nail. 

You should expect nothing less than an electric experience with a blend of relaxing colors. The Sunny wave e-nail kit has cool yellow and blue undertones.

We offer trinity and titanium nails that are universal. All you need to do is to check if your dab rig fits the dab nails that come with the Bee-Nails drone kits. We offer our customers a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for this product!

#4. Alpine Drone E-Nail Kit

#4. Alpine Drone E-Nail Kit

Alpine Drone E-Nail Kit

The Alpine Drone e-nail Kit is perfect for your dab rig if you love winter dabs. This e-nail kit represents the charming beauty, calmness, and stillness of the Alpine mountains' snow. 

The Alpine Drone E-Nail Kit Includes:

  • Bee-Nail Digital Control Box
  • Heating Coil
  • Power Cord
  • A nail of your choice
  • Bee-Nails Silicone container and Mat
  • User Manual

The all-white design makes your e-nail match anything. It will be a great addition to your dab accessories. You will only need a rig to complete the Alpine e-nail kit. 

Benefits of eNail Kits with Dab Rig

Dab enail provides many benefits over traditional nails or torches.


Having the best quartz enail kit at your disposal will make dabbing a relaxed experience as you will be dabbing at the best temperature than a butane torch. All you need to be on the move is a dab rig, power source, and a concentrate for the enail kit.   

An e nail lets you set your ideal dabbing temperature. Hence, you do not have to keep heating the quartz nail multiple times. 

Enhanced Temperature Control

Enail kits have a temperature control box that helps you regulate how hot an e Nail should be. With the old and harmful torches, getting the right temperature to dab takes many hits and misses. 

Dab enail lets you set the temperature as you take consistent dabs. Our Bee-nails v2.0 E nail has a preset temperature of 710°F. This will act as a starting point for you, as you can easily adjust to your preferred temperature. It has never been this easier to take low-temp dabs.

Cost Saving

Complete enail kits will last you for several years while giving you the same experience as on the first day. Compared with other dabbing methods like torches and smoking blunts, e Nails are worth it!


When using an enail for dabbing, there are no open flames or use of flammable gases. Dabbing with an enail kit with a rig is undeniably safer.

The best E-nail kit is the one that is appealing to your sight and gives you quality hits when dabbing. For more information about our dabbing accessories, Contact Us!