Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 Dab Deals: Dreamy Dab Rigs

‘Tis the season to splurge, and this year we’ve all earned ourselves something special. 

Our legendary dab rigs are guaranteed to put the festive back in your festivities. With options ranging from heady dab rigs handmade by Colorado glass artists to the most efficient gateway rigs around, there really is something for everyone. And as part of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday site-wide sale, we’re offering them for up to 70 percent off on these days only. 

Not sure what rig is right for you? Let’s walk through our top options.

The Shwayze Roadhouse BeeMaster

The Tesla of dab rigs, the Roadhouse is a powerful recycler handmade by a local artist using the highest quality German-made Schott glass, and is already being called the best dab rig of 2020. 

The L.I.P. Incycler 2.0

This custom piece from L.I.P. Studios in Denver, CO, the Incycler has a modified shower head percolator and double intake combined with a 14mm ground female joint to keep the airflow unrestricted—enabling high hang time with sweet swirling water tornados after every rip. It’s the perfect upgrade for that special someone looking for their first handmade rig. 

Nautilus Recycler 

Our Nautilus Recycler is the perfect first rig for any vape enthusiast that has yet to invest in a piece of their own. It takes inspiration from a whitewater river, churning air through two feet of gorgeously curved glass. It’s functional, it’s affordable, and absolutely dependable. 

Browse and shop all dab rigs here. Merry mary!