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Black Gold: A Guide To Getting the Most Out of Your Dabs

When you run out of concentrate and it’s too late at night to visit the dispensary, there is still one way you can get high if you don’t mind a bit of elbow grease and a bad flavor – resin. Resin is the tar-like and sticky substance that is left behind in your rig after you take a dab. You don’t usually notice it building up because it takes so long to develop, but after some time it can be harvested and used again, extending the life of your dabs or giving you a “free high” when you are out of concentrate.

Resin is full of THC just as concentrates are, but with two drawbacks: it has to be collected by hand, and it usually has a noticeably degraded taste as compared to wax, shatter, or other fresh concentrates. There are a lot of different methods to harvest this cost-effective yet not-easily-accessed treat, so we chose one method with the use of alcohol, and a few alternatives with only the use of heat.

It’s worth mentioning that you should never smoke bud out of a piece you smoke concentrate from – hits taste pretty horrible, the resin will be noticeably worse in quality, and you will have a harder time collecting it at all.

Method With Alcohol

Using an extremely high percentage isopropyl alcohol will both clean your piece extremely effectively and will allow you to harvest the most resin possible as compared to methods that do not use alcohol. It is the most popular method for this reason.

First, buy some 91 percent or higher isopropyl alcohol, and use a little more than enough to be able to swirl it in every chamber of your rig – this will be different for small and large pieces, and if you are using a higher percent of alcohol, you can use a little less to make the next part faster.

After the alcohol has stripped off the resin, pour the mixture into a pyrex container, square shaped if possible to make it easier to harvest later. Let the alcohol evaporate and boom, you have smokable resin.

Methods With Heat

If you would rather not use alcohol in your resin extraction process, you can use heat instead. This is only very effective if you have a significant amount of concentrate left inside your rig, because you will be heating up the rig from the outside and letting resin drip out of it.

You can use 3 different heat methods to gather your resin; with a hair dryer, in a hot bath, or in an oven.

Hair Dryer – Tip your rig upside down, grab a hair dryer, point it at the outside of the glass where you can see resin, and turn it on. This heats up the glass from the outside, letting the resin slowly melt and drip out of the top or the stem. This method is effective if you have a TON of resin buildup (I’m talking around half a year’s worth, to estimate) but it takes a lot of patience.

Hot Water Bath – Boil a significant amount of water, enough to cover your rig without letting any inside, pour it into a boiling-temperature-safe container (such as a reinforced plastic tub or something similar), and let your piece rest in the bath. This will loosen the resin and let it collect in the bottom, where another source of heat can be applied letting the resin drip out.

Oven – This is possibly the most complicated method, but it can be done. Tip your piece upside down in the oven, letting it get comfortable and sturdy, place an oven-safe receptacle of some kind underneath the stem and/or mouth opening, and let your oven heat up to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This will let the resin drip out in the same way as other alcohol-free methods listed previously. Leave it for about 5 minutes, and check up on it regularly to see the progress – after enough resin has dripped out, you are ready to take advantage of this thrifty and cost-efficient way to get high!

By Erik Petrovich, Bee-Nails

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