Breahna of Bee-Nails | From Resenting Weed to Live Resin E-Nail Dabs

Wassup party people! My name is Breahna, and I am 24. At Bee-Nails, I have jumped around in roles from shipping and customer service manager to now managing our affiliate program. Outside of Bee-Nails, I am a Social Media Manager and Positive Perception Coach specializing in Mental Health and Self Growth.

Breahna Bee-Nails


Though only at the company for 6 months, I have been using Bee-Nails products for 3 years now. Never used any other e-nail then, and I won’t use any other e-nail now or ever. 

My relationship with cannabis has been rather interesting over the years. When I was younger, my dad and brother smoked weed. Since a lot of people were so ignorant to marijuana and CBD at the time (myself included), they were incredibly judgemental and a lot of my friends weren’t able to hang out with me anymore.

This caused a low-key resentment from how weed impacted my life. As the years went on, I got used to being around weed so often-- making munchies for my brother and his friends, but I never had any desire to try it. Then I turned 18, and Christmas was just around the corner.

My older brother “Yoshie” from the get-go, always wanted me to try weed. He knew how resistant I was. Finally, I was tired of letting the predispositions of weed alter my mindset on it any longer, and that Christmas my brother was gifted with me smoking with him for the first time.

At that point, I really didn’t notice the effects, but I continued to try it until I was sold. By the time I was 20, I would have considered myself a “perpetual stoner”--stoned more hours of the day then I wasn’t. Since then I've stayed as such.

My preferred methods of smoking? Is “all of the above” an option? This girl likes her variety. I consume cannabis in just about every way. I dab on our e-nails and our GoBee, I take bong hits, I take edibles, I use salves, soaks, and tinctures-- even my dog Tucker gets CBD everyday. I enjoy how every method provides a different high and by switching them up, I find that my tolerance stays much lower.

In the future I hope to see Cannabis completely legalized, so everyone can have access to this incredible healing, multi-diverse plant. 

How do people reach me? Instagram is definitely the best method to get in touch with me! @breahna_butcher.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little bit more about me. I hope you have a wonderful day! :)