CBD Isolate - what it is, and how to use it

Cannabis has been used since the dawn of man as both a psychedelic and a form of natural and effective medicine, but for a long time the only way to get relief was to smoke weed heavy in THC content, giving the user a high that would override any major relief of the ailment. With changing attitudes towards the plant and its medical qualities over time, more and better medical options are becoming available.

One way to get quick relief without getting any intoxicating or anxiety-inducing effects is by vaporizing CBD Isolate.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a pure crystalline white powder that is made up of 99% pure CBD. CBD and THC are the two major chemicals that take effect on the user when ingesting cannabis in its various forms. THC is known to give the stereotypical "high" associated with cannabis, while CBD is non-intoxicating and primarily used for medical applications with its relaxing and pain-relieving effects on the body.

If you are a medical user of cannabis and cannabis products, you have probably heard the term CBD Isolate thrown around in your local smoke shops and dispensaries. Let's take a closer look. 

Why Would I Use CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is a relatively new player in the cannabis medical product world, being just a few years old since it really began to be known to the industry, and already users are noticing its benefits as opposed to other forms of ingesting cannabis.

For one, it is arguably the fastest way to ingest CBD out there, being more than 99% CBD in its purest form. When pain comes suddenly and you don't have time to wait for 20 minutes for a medical joint to kick in, CBD Isolate can come in handy as it takes about 10 minutes to take effect, per various users online, and can be ingested in one or two dabs.

Secondly, being virtually free from THC, this product is one of the top choices for users who do not like the feeling of being high. Being high can produce anxiety, paranoia, and can make the user feel nauseous for many users, whereas CBD creates no reduction or alteration of brain function and instead targets your physical ailments. 

How do I Use CBD Isolate?

You can use CBD Isolate in the same way you would use other concentrates in a dab rig. Using a reliable source of heat, such as an electronic heating device (e-nail) or a nail that retains heat exceptionally well as in a titanium nail, and a water pipe or other similar setup, you can use a tool to gather a small amount into the nail and breathe in when it starts vaporizing away.

If you so choose, it can also be mixed into other methods of ingestion. If you do prefer to smoke a joint, a bowl, or do dabs as your medicine, you can sprinkle a little CBD Isolate inside the joint or bowl or on top of the nail to help round out the hit and reduce the negative effects of THC. 

Whatever your reason is for using medical products, consider CBD Isolate the next time you go to the dispensary for its purity and speed of effect - It could be your new top method of getting relief.


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