While there is a much lower risk with cannabis as opposed to everything else you can smoke, you can reduce your risk of eventual health problems by ditching the combustion of plant matter altogether and making the switch over to vaporizing concentrates.

Dabbing is often considered to be a more healthy way to get high than smoking bud because of this – generally, you don’t take a flame directly to concentrate to consume it, but you vaporize it with some other form of heat, such as heated nails, handheld pens, and most other means of dabbing. Cannabis has proven health benefits for sufferers of certain illnesses, but concentrates expand the ways you can specifically target different issues.

For Your Lungs

Your lungs just want to breathe in air, and that’s all that they really care about – the fewer particles that get into your lungs that aren’t a mix of O2 and nitrogen, the better. When you smoke a joint or a bowl, you take dozens of hits all with thick and oftentimes harsh smoke. With concentrates, you take maybe 2 or 3 hits with a much smaller amount of smoke produced – with some vaporizers, you won’t breathe out much if anything at all.

While bud generally hangs around the 15 to 25 percent THC range, your average gram of wax or shatter could be anywhere from 70 to 85 percent THC – because THC is the chemical that actually gets you high, you literally need less concentrate to get the same effect as a whole joint.

In addition to this, concentrates are nearly exclusively consumed with some form of vaporization. With bud, you have to literally set your weed on fire to be able to consume it and waste a some of it in the process. With dabbing pens, the metal or ceramic atomizers heat up to the perfect temperature to be able to release the THC from the concentrate and nothing else, and with concentrate rig setups, the nail is heated red-hot before the heating tool is taken away, leaving nothing but a searingly hot surface for your concentrate to vaporize on.

For Your Pain

Concentrates have opened up new possibilities for treating illnesses with marijuana. New ways to apply and target illnesses with CBD, for example, have been made possible through the use of concentrates and dabbing. CBD is the secondary chemical component to cannabis, after THC, and it does not have psychoactive properties but rather is the medical component to marijuana, helping to relieve pain and suffering in patients with debilitating issues without getting them stoned like Bill and Ted.

Medical patients now have a myriad of options for applying their CBD prescriptions, including patches, pills, and yes, concentrates. You can use concentrated CBD even if you are not a medical patient to help round out a hit and make your high more controllable, and it’s a very subtle effect – a bit like drinking ginger ale after a bit of drinking.

Things To Keep In Mind

Not to burst anybody’s bubble, but smoking weed and the process of getting high is not physically healthy for you. Ingesting any kind of plant matter can have lasting effects on your body, and while we usually think of other forms of smoking as being bad for you, inhaling smoke of any kind, everything from campfire smoke or cannabis, can have lasting effects on your body.

While concentrates are healthier than other means of smoking cannabis in many ways, they both may negatively affect your physical health in the long term. Always keep in mind that the only truly health-risk-free way to consume cannabis is with edibles, and that smoking too much of anything can be dangerous to your health.

By Erik Petrovich, Bee-Nails