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Alex Borges, better known by his content creator handle Dabbing Cuban, is a nationally recognized cannabis influencer and an integral member of the Colorado cannabis community

Alex is originally from Florida, but now lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and three kids. Before COVID hit, he was working with adults with special needs, but has since become a full-time content creator and cannabis advocate.

“I love cannabis simply because it helps me get away from prescription drugs. I’ve definitely felt a big difference,” he said. “Cannabis has helped me sleep better at night as well as having more patience in stressful situations.”

Alex shares his love for cannabis, as well as tools and tricks, via clever short videos on several social channels, including Instagram, where he’s grown nearly 12,000 followers. He’s one of many content creators that have dedicated their work to normalizing cannabis and advocating for its users.

“Bee-Nails wouldn't be where we are today without the love and support of people like Alex Borges,” said Jenna Keating, Bee-Nails executive assistant. “We encourage more people to express themselves in the way he does to continue to move the industry and culture forward.”

As an avid cannabis user since he was 18 (more than 20 years!) Alex is an industry expert and choosy about the products he uses and promotes. He’s a Bee Nails affiliate and a proud owner of the GoBee Portable Wax Vaporizer, as well as a custom DabbingCuban enail.

“My favorite way to consume would be by starting my day off with some flower and then working my way into dabs,” he said. “But dabs with a torch and rig is definitely my favorite way to smoke.”

Alex is hopeful that the industry will continue to grow and lose the stigma, especially as more and more people like him are willing to share their stories, in addition to media attention in the form of reality shows, documentaries on Netflix, etc.
“I definitely think cannabis has gone a long way but we still need to push it to where it’s federally legal.” he said. “We all have to do our part to spread the word and normalize this plant that has helped so many people #BeeTheirBest.”
Follow Alex on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and Cannabuzz using his handle, Dabbingcuban, and check out his feature on our Bee Your Best show to learn more.