How to clean, store and maintain your vape pen. 

Our dab pens last a really long time if cared for properly—which is one of the reasons buying one actually saves you cash over the long haul. 

By following just a few guidelines, you can ensure your dab pen performs perfectly, every time, for years to come.

Smart storage

We always recommend using your portable storage case for the most protection. However, if you’re on the go and forgot your case (we’ve all been there!), try your sunglasses storage case, or a cup or mug. 

Pocket storage or purse storage may be convenient, but is definitely the most common cause of lost or broken pens. You’ve been warned!

For long term storage, keep it away from bright lights and/or high heat—direct sunlight or hot cars are no bueno. The pen is happiest when stored at room temperature in a dry place. 

Loaded Bee Nails Dab Pen

Cleanliness is next to godliness 

The more you use your dab pen, the more you’re going to want to clean it, especially if you like to share. In today’s world, that’s not something you want to mess around with. Plus, the cleaner the pen, the better it will perform.

We recommend disassembling your pen and using a cotton swab or other small brush dipped in our all natural resin remover, because it’s better for the environment. A backup choice would be isopropyl alcohol to remove any residue or waxy buildup. 

For more details on cleaning and other product information, check out our YouTube channel

Bee your best to your battery 

To extend battery life and keep your dab pen in ultimate performance mode, we recommend turning off your pen when you’re not using it, as well as using your pen fairly frequently (as if you needed another reason). The longer the vape pen sits without being used, the shorter the battery life.

Charge your device before it dies completely but avoid overcharging to maximize the battery’s effectiveness and capacity. 

Stay in-the-know

Dab pens are relatively new technology and we’re working everyday to make them better and better. Expect changes, updates and new recommendations when it comes to pen maintenance. 

We’ll keep you informed on all new developments and news you can use—just follow us on your preferred channel below.