Dab Queen Keating | From E-Juice to E-Nails

Meet VP of products Jenna Keating, a cannabis connoisseur 

The reason we chose the bee as our icon is because it symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. The reason we chose Jenna Keating as our VP of products is because she embodies all three.

Jenna Bee-Nails Dab Vape Pen

Jenna’s an industry veteran. Her experience in the portable vape pen space started six years ago when she got her first job making e-juice for a local vape shop. It was there that she developed her passion for helping people quit smoking. Her drive to serve others eventually brought her to smoke shops, where she was able to help people suffering from various medical conditions pick out the right hardware for the cannabis they needed to feel better and even thrive.  

It was in one of these shops where Jenna first met Ali, CEO and founder of Bee-Nails, and after getting to know him, flat out asked if there was an opening on the Bee-Nails team. For Jenna, of course there was. 

Through more than a decade of regular cannabis consumption and years of work in the industry, Jenna’s become a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to e-nails, dab pens, and cannabis concentrates—she loves the convenience and quality. Though it’s not all that uncommon to find her with a handpipe when she’s got some quality flower. 

“Cannabis has been a part of my routine for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I struggle with some really bad anxiety which presents itself as serious procrastination. Cannabis is what I reward myself with for a long day of pushing myself to get through the tasks and responsibilities I had to.”

Jenna Bee-Nails Dab Pen

As a cannabis professional and advocate for its many uses, Jenna is most excited about cannabis education, and making it more accessible to people in places where it is still seen as taboo. WIth the rise of high quality dab nails and wax dab pens, consuming cannabis concentrates has become more accepted. 

She said, “Cannabis helps me #BeeMyBest at my job because everything I do is for my colony and I wouldn't have their best interests if I didn't have that passion for cannabis myself.”

You can and should keep up with Jenna on Instagram at @Miss_Jennaa_ .