Different Quartz Nails to Buy| Quartz Bangers

Different quartz nails to buy

When it comes to your quartz nail, you want to be sure that you get the best for your e-nail dabs. There are different Quartz nails, which are all great for dabbing because of their durability and lack of taste transfer.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for your nail: Are dabs legal in your place? Core or flat top? Size: do you need 25 mm, 18mm, 14mm, or 10mm?

Choosing the best Dab Nail: What to Consider

When choosing the best dab nail for your e-nail, safety comes first. You should buy a dab nail that will not burn you. What you should then consider is its functionality. Bee-nails' development and quality team of experts checks each nail, determining its endurance, the amount of heat it can retain, and the airflow rate.

A dab nail should have enough airflow. There should be no resistance when taking dabs. This way, you will get potent hits, and it does not splatter your product upon contact.

Different Quartz Nails to Buy

A selection of our Nails with Carb Caps

  1. Choose a Dab Nail Material

There are different dab nail materials to use with your dab rig. Each material has thermal properties that allow your nail to absorb heat and hold it even in extreme conditions like heat stress. But, other materials have an added advantage offered to the others. 

Dab nails are made from titanium, quartz, or ceramic material. However, for good reasons, quartz nails are the most popular dab nails in the market.

Quartz nails can retain your concentrate's flavor. They also heat up in less than 10 seconds. These nails come in various sizes and styles to fit any dab rig.

 We recommend using a bubble carb cap when dabbing with your quartz nail.

 bubble carb cap

Quartz nails are the best if you dab correctly! Generally, you should set your e-nail anywhere between 500°F - 800°F. But, there is room to adjust the dabbing temperature to your preference. Our Bee-Nail v2 E-Nail kit has a preset temperature of 710°F to give you a starting point. You will need to dial in your best temperature to dab. Low-temperature dabs help to preserve the terpene profile in your concentrate.

As a medical and food-grade material, quartz is safe to use as it does not emit toxic fumes when heated.Buy quartz banger nails for their optimal terpene flavor profile.

2. Finding a Quartz Nail That Will Match Your Rig’s Sex and Joint Size

Dab nail compatibility with various accessories like carb caps or a dab rig is based on your nail's style, bucket size, sex, angle, and joint size.

25 mm quartz banger

25 mm quartz banger

To find a nail or banger that fits your rig:

Step 1. Identify the joint size of your dab rig

The first thing you should do is find out the joint size of your dab rig. Joints are available in three different sizes for nails —10mm, 14mm, 19mm, and 25mm — all dab nails should fit any of these sizes. To ensure you buy a dab rig with the right joint size, check the product description on the Bee-Nails store.

Step 2. Does your dab rig have a male or female joint?

You should be able to tell whether your dab rig has a male or female joint to pick the right dab nail. A male joint should get into and fit in the female joint. If your dab rig has a male joint, use a female dab nail, and if your dab rig has a female joint, you must use dab nails with male joints.

Step 3. Identify the angle of your dab rig's joint

Is your dab rig joint angled at 45° or 90°? Before you buy a quartz dab nail, ensure the joints are appropriately angled to ensure the quartz banger will be in the correct position while taking dabs. If your dab rig's joints are diagonal, you will need a 45° banger.

3. Select Your Ideal Dab Nail Style

There are different quartz nails to buy; they all come in different styles, only to choose one that will offer you the best cannabis dabbing experience. Below is an outline of the different dab nail styles in the market.

The main dab nail style options are below, followed by detailed information about each nail style.

  • Flat Top
  • Core
  • Channel Slurp
  • Terp Slurp 
  • Opaque Bottom Quartz banger
  • Round Bottom

Flat Top

flat top quartz banger

A flat-top styled banger is the common dab nail in the market. It has a flat rim that can rest on any flat surface you intend to dab on. They work best with flat-style carb caps to improve suction. These bangers work with 45° and 90° rig joints.

Flat top bangers offer an awesomely deep bucket with straightforward functionality for use with flat-bottomed carb caps and accessories. They are also thicker than angled quartz dab nails. Hence, they hold heat a bit longer.


Core banger, or a core reactor nail, offers extra quartz at its center, with an extra-thick-bottomed bucket to dab. The extra quartz core plays the role of terp pearls, providing better heat distribution and retention to improve the quality of your dab vapor.

Channel Slurp

Channel slurper nails play the same role as regular slurpers, but they have a flat ridged piece at the bottom instead of a perforated dish. The piece directs your concentrate through the channel into the chamber. Hence, better heat distribution.

Opaque-Bottom Quartz Banger

The Opaque Quartz Banger builds heat more quickly than clear quartz dab nails. They also retain heat optimally, making them the right pick for bigger dabs. 

Round Bottom

Round bottom-styled bangers are similar to flat-top quartz bangers, except for a rounded bottom. The thick bottom enhances heat distribution. You can clean your quartz banger easily, as no angels struggle with hard lines. The round bottom quartz banger focuses on effective heating to save time on cooling and heating.

Do you love watching step-by-step guides? This video explains how to clean your quartz banger for the best dabs! Watch with us.

Bottom Line on Different Quartz Nails

Quartz nails are durable and easy to use, which makes them ideal for new users and experienced enthusiasts alike. Bee-nails offers the best quartz nails in the market to deliver potent hits. For more information, Contact Us!