E-Nail Vs. Dab Pen: The Pros & Cons

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Credit: Jörg Schubert

Waxy dab concentrates are fast turning to be a more reliable way to consume cannabinoids amongst vapers, beating oils and dry herbs in the market. Thanks to the advent of high-quality dab pens and E-nails or electric nails.

While looking for a wax vaporizer, most dab beginners will often prefer dab pens over a an e-nail and also over a rigid traditional dabbing rig and torch. Let's see what they are and what they bring to the table.

What Is an E-nail?

Bee-nails e-nail

An E-nail is a dabber's confidant. Also called an "electric nail," it can be used to heat and consume cannabis concentrate dabs.

For an e-nail to operate, it should be connected to a power source through a controller box that will help you regulate your dab temperatures while dabbing. 

“They’re a tastier, more efficient, easier to use, and safer alternative to traditional oil rigs.”

E-nails are convenient for low-temperature dabs since you don't have to monitor them. All you need is to set your ideal temperature. Temperature regulation serves a consistent smoking experience. Once it's hot enough, you are good to go.

Cherry Blossom E-Nail Kit

Cherry Blossom Kit

The Bee-Nails Drone E-nail Kit is our cannabis connoisseur's choice that saves you from the stress that comes with torches. Don't just take our word for it! Check the review below!

E-nail kits are often suitable for a group setting, and cannabis brings the community or colony together.

The E-nail kit includes:

  • Dab Nail of your choice

  •  E-Nail Heating Coil

  • Power Cord

  • Bee-Nail Digital Control Box

  • Bee-Nails Silicone Container &  Mat

All you need with this electric nail kit is a high-quality rig. Your rig should fit with the nail you prefer. Apart from serving the intended purpose, e-nails have several advantages.

E-nail Pros

The Infographic below shows 8 e-nail pros that probably, you didn't know.

E-nail vs Dab pen infographic

Enail Cons

  • Big e-nails are not portable and need a power station to operate. In this case, a smaller portable e-nail is convenient if you intend to vape on the move.

  • May cause hazardous accidents if not attended to with caution. Just like any hot device, you should operate your e-nail with caution.

  • Easy to drop your guard due to overconfidence.

Generally, e-nails are considered safe, reliable, and easy to configure; Will that make your e-nail set-up better than a dab pen? Read on!

What Is a Dab Pen?

A dab pen is a type of wax vaporizer. However, it can perform all the duties of a dab rig (i.e., vaporize wax) in a different manner and format. 

A dab pen has three essential parts for the vaporization process; The battery, heating chamber, and mouthpiece.

The Battery: The dab pen battery acts as a power source that produces heat current. Apart from storing power, it acts as a power management plant that transfers energy during vape sessions.


The Coil: The coil is located in the heating chamber and is responsible for heating your wax as it converts to vapor. Some dab pens may not have a coil and will simply be a ceramic chamber that gets hot enough to vape your dabs. The coils are a spiral-shaped wire wrapped around the pen's wicking material.

Mouthpiece: Serves as a pathway for vaporized wax. It's the part that you will put in between your upper and lower lips and draw hits. 

Pollinator Dab pen

The Pollinator Dab pen is not an ordinary oil or wax pen. It's incredibly versatile and will let you vape the way you like. The 3 in 1 dab pen can be your favorite for canna oils, e-liquids, or even Concentrate dabs. 

 Pollinator Dab Pen Features

The pen is easy to use and clean with oil, dab, and e-juice versatility, the pen is easy to use & clean. Other features include:

  • Sleek & discreet design 

  • Preheat functionality

  • Powerful battery

Dab pens are available in different sizes and shapes, with a wide range of features, all customized to your liking.

Dab Pen Pros

Here are some of the most common advantages noted in dab pens.

  • Discretion and Portability
  • Dab pens are portable and a discreet way to consume weed. 

    E-nail pros: Dab pens are discreet and portable

    Photo by Lepro/Istock Images

  • Quick Consumption
  • Dab pens heat up so quickly. Hence, enhancing quick concentrate consumption. You don't have to wait for several minutes to vape with your dab pen. It also saves you the heck of rolling joints and grinding weed.

  • Dosage
  • Dab pens are easier to manage when it comes to dosage than joints and bongs. You can count the number of puffs you pull and then calculate your cannabis dosage with ease. One dab pen hit won't lead to overdosing unless you are a newbie.

    Dab Pen Cons

  • Steep Learning Curve
  • One of the drawbacks in concentrate on vaping is mastering the art at the start. You need to invest in reading about dab pens. However, after learning the basics, you can start your dab sessions.

  • Need Charging
  • This should not be a hassle when you regularly charge your dab pen. However, it might lead to annoyance if you misplace its charger or forget to charge it, yet you had a plan to dab.

    E-nail Vs. Dab Pens: Bottom Line

    When choosing between an e-nail and a dab pen, there is no device that we can prioritize to be the best. Choosing a dab device will depend on your personal preference and having a device that gives you the best dab experience.

    If you do like to have a quick and convenient dab session, e-nails and dab pens may help you instead of shopping for traditional nails and rigs that are inconsistent and unreliable.