As dabbing becomes more popular amongst the cannabis-user community, it is considered by experts to be amongst the healthy and safe ways of ingesting cannabis.

With dabbing, the entire process is combustion free and clean. As well, one can use solventless concentrate or any solvent of their choice with their torch or e-nail to dab.

To dab, you will need to heat a quartz, ceramic, or titanium nail before applying your concentrate that will vaporize on contact; the process is done with a handheld torch or electric nail.

Electric Nail

Advancements in technology have seen the advent of e-nails, replacing flames whose mechanism of heating is purely mechanical. Once it has all gotten to using torches vs. enails with dab rigs, which one may be the best for a dab user?

Here, we will dissect the pros and cons of each tool so you can be in a position to make an informed decision before your next dabbing session.

What Is an Enail; How To Use

Electronic nails are heating devices that have grown into popularity to replace torches because of their efficiency. Instead of cranking ultra-hot flames, the e-nail employs the use of a heating coil to heat your banger or dab nail.

Quartz Banger Nail


An e-nail has two core parts: The control box and the coil.

The controller box: has controls through which one can select a precise temperature. This feature has made e-nails to be dabber's favorite accessory when struggling with monitoring dabbing temperatures.

Our E-nails are easier to use, making them useful for low temperature dabbing which may help preserve your dab's flavor.

Below are some of the e-nails that will help you have a better dabbing experience.

Best E-Nails For Sale sells stylish e-nails that will allow you practice using dabs while maintaining and preserving the pleasure that accompanies cannabis use. These e-nails are safe, easy to use and practical when it comes to ingesting your best concentrate.

Bee-Nail v2.0

The Bee-Nail is a perfect choice for dabbing connoisseur with a dab rig. Bee-Nail is a customized device with a small control box and a digital display.

Bee-Nail V2.0

To enhance efficiency and make cleaning easier, all cables are moved to the back. Over years of research and innovation, the bee-nail design includes:

  • A Heating Coil
  • Customized Bee-Nail Control Box
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual


As well, we offer a lifetime warranty for the Bee-Nail device.

The L.I.P Hive E-Nail Kit

L.I.P Hive E-Nail Kit

The L.I.P Hive E-Nail Kit is one of our premium e-nail packages that comes with hand picked favorite products.

With the L.I.P Hive E-Nails Kit, everything is pretested in order to fit with each other.

With a beautiful cyclone and incredible functionality, the Bee glass rig is hand crafted by our artisan glassblowers in Denver. The Trinity nail offers a three-in-one e-nail in the market.

You may enjoy ceramic, quartz, titanium - - all in one nail. With the hive E-nail kit, you will have a chance to join the colony with everything you ever needed. It includes:

  • Custom Bee-Nail E-Nail
  • Handcrafted Incycler
  • A Mini Kevlar Wrapped Coil
  • Power Cord
  • Bee-Nails Silicone container & mat
  • Lifetime Warranty

As well, you will get in the kit a Trinity nail set and a user guide.


E-Nail Pros

Some of the benefits that come with e-nails include:

  • Steady, precise, and sustained temperatures
  • Can easily attain target temperature profiles and they are adjustable for different concentrates
  • No guessing or timing on temperatures
  • Minimal thermal shock to quartz
  • Relaxed electric heating
  • Less material waste & energy use
  • Better for long smoking group sessions

To enhance its beauty, all our E-Nails have a 3D Bee-Nail print. Isn't that amazing?

E-nail Cons

E-Nails tend to be hazardous for the clumsy or the careless. Ensure you attend to them with caution.

Given that E-Nails are easy to use, one may get over-confident and drop their guard.

If you leave your enail on and you or perhaps a pet or a guest trips on the coil or power card you could knock it over and burn a hole in your carpet. That is pretty much the only con with e-nails. 

What Is a Torch; How Is It Used?

A torch is exactly what it sounds like -- a sizable, handheld torch that one may use to heat a banger or a dab nail. The banger is the the dabbing nail that goes on a dab rig on which you will place your concentrate.

Dabbing torches are available with several compatible gasses, a variety of strengths and of sizes; butane torch is common.

Oftenly, dabbing torches are culinary torches or mini torches. For safety and ease of use, dabbers prefer smaller torch models.

Some dab torches allow users to regulate the size of flames produced, while others tend to be basic with a single setting.

Dabbing torches can be used with traditional dab rigs which have a bucket fitting, commonly known as a banger.

To dab using a torch, you will need to turn your torch on (after reading through the safety tips,) and point its flame towards the nail until it is red-hot. Once perfectly heated, let the nail cool for a while; the precise amount of time it may need to optimally cool varies depending on the material from which your nail is made from.

Afterwards, drop your dab-concentrate on the nail. It might help noting that you should source for dab nails made from strong material. A strong material will help withstand very-high heating temperatures.

Typically, nails for dabbing are made of ceramic, or titanium, or quartz dab nails. However, there are several reasons as to why you may decide to ditch torches and switch to E-nails.

Torch: Pros and Cons

As one of the most ancient methods of dabbing, some of the benefits that come with torches include:

  • More affordable: Buying a torch is relatively cheap. However, there are advanced models with better features and bigger sizes that may cost you more.
  • Straightforward: There are no specific guidelines or learning curves when it comes to torches. All you need to make sure there is enough butane. After turning it on and heating the nail -- that is it.
  • Does Not Need Electricity: Torches are one piece of versatile devices. You can carry them with you wherever you go. Without needing to hook them to an outlet or charging them, you can use them.

Hence, making dab torches a great pick for dabbing in terms of portability. Being pioneers does not necessarily imply it is the best, however. Dab torches have their shortcomings which may include:

Dabbing Torches Cons

  • Hard To Regulate Temperature: While some torches may allow users to control flame sizes, there are no units through which one can regulate or adjust the torch to a particular temperature input. There are high chances that you will heat your banger with higher temperatures than the required one. In return, destroying the terpene and cannabinoid profile of your concentrate.
  • Handling Torches Tends To be Dangerous: Needless to say, fire ain't something one would love to play with over safety concerns. Dabbing torches can attain temperatures that range up to 2,500° Fahrenheit – capable of damaging surfaces and burning through materials. Hence, posing a risk if not handled with caution.
  • Need For Refilling: If your torch runs out of gas, you are unlucky. Once your torch runs out of butane gas, you would probably need to refill it.
  • Harmful to environment and health: When you use a torch you are inhaling solvent of either propane or butane that the torch uses. You are also hurting the environment by going through many butane and propane canisters and emitting solvents into the atmosphere.


Take Away


With several tests and research, electric nails have proven to be one of the surest ways to ingest low temp dabs. If you are looking to smoke and savor the flavor of your dab you can go as low as you would like it with our E-nails.

As well, electric nails are best in keeping large bangers hot for longer hours. Unlike torches, E-Nails offer steady temperature heating through a coil (like an oven) which is a major advantage to using open-flame heating methods.