When it comes to concentrate use, the first method that comes to mind is the classic butane torch and rig pairing. Simply attach the nail, torch it until it glows red, and breathe in the dab. Simple enough, but as cannabis users branch out to healthier alternatives and the industry matures, the equipment used to get high matures and develops further as well.

An electronic nail (e-nail) is a high-tech alternative to torches to heat up nails that do not rely on butane or fire, but rather electricity, and is considered to be healthier and tastier.

What Are They?

An e-nail isn’t a nail in and of itself, rather a heating system.  E-nail sets generally include a couple parts: a control box, coil, power cord and connecting cords. The coil wraps around a nail, and once you have plugged in the device and turned it on, you can set the exact temperature you want through the control box.

After waiting for a minute or two for the nail to heat up, the nail will be ready to use – it really is that simple.

Torches VS E-Nails

It can be all too easy to overheat your dab with a torch, as they do not allow true control of temperature. They force you breathe in butane, can destroy the taste of the dab, or straight up incinerate it without getting you high if not used properly.

While torches are more portable than e-nails, it is not very convenient nor cheap to keep torching a nail throughout the day and buying butane to refill with.

E-nails allow precise temperature control, meaning you always get the full vapor release from your hit and don’t ruin the dab – as long as you don’t set the temperature too high. This also allows more flavor to come through, as the terpenes of the concentrate are not combusted as they can be with a torch.

E-nails do not use any form of gas, and the conductive heating process adds nothing dangerous to your hit. Although they are much less portable and a more expensive initial purchase, e-nails are more convenient for in-home use and, over time, earn some of their value back by removing the need to refill a torch.

Ever see black ashy residue in your nail or bong that isn’t resin? It’s actually residue from incinerated dabs and from butane or propane. A rig with an e-nail is noticeably cleaner and easier to take care of over time.

Consider the Following

Obviously, e-nails are more expensive than buying a torch and can of refilling gas. An e-nail kit can regularly cost above $200 for a set, whereas you probably won’t spend much more than $20 on a torch and butane. There are everything from budget kits to luxury e-nails out there, so if you are looking to buy, shop around and find the right one for you.

Most e-nail kits do not come with a nail and rig, so you will usually have to purchase these on their own separately. The best nail materials to use in conjunction with an e-nail are titanium, quartz, and ceramic, for their conductive and temperature-retaining qualities.

Speaking of temperature, there are a lot of tips out there for the best number to set your e-nail to, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Anywhere from 600 degrees to 750 degrees is a solid range, but you should play around with it to see what works for different types of concentrates. If it liquifies and pools, turn it up, and if it tastes burnt, turn it down.

E-nails are one of the biggest trends in dabbing in 2018. If you are looking for a healthier, more consistent and controllable way to use concentrates, consider investing in this alternative heating accessory. It will seem more pricey at first, but your lungs, taste buds, and rig will thank you for using a cleaner and more efficient way to heat your nail.

By Erik Petrovich, Bee-Nails