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Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing: A Beginner's Guide

The use of dab rigs has exploded in popularity as a technique of cannabis concentrates consumption.

But why is concentrate dabbing so appealing and popular? What makes dabs so great?

There is an entire subculture of terpene taste chasers and dabbers, each of which has its unique preference for dab rig configurations and dab temperatures.


Let's dig in and learn everything there is to know about dabbing for beginners. We'll discuss dab rigs, types of concentrates in the market, how much dab you need, and how to dab appropriately. But first, 

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a method of ingesting/consuming cannabinoids by using a dab rig device to heat and inhale cannabis concentrates. 

Many cannabis enthusiasts like dabs because they have high potency and robust effects. On top of THC dabbing, many people are interested in learning how to dab CBD and the several non-psychoactive benefits CBD dabbing has for their bodies. Dabbing CBD allows you to inhale higher concentrations of the CBD cannabinoid at once.

In summary, dabbing using a dab rig is like smoking a bong. First, you will have to fill your dab "bowl," commonly called a Banger, with a drop of a concentrate.

Some dabbers use a small torch to heat the banger instead of a lighter, but real dabbers use an E-Nail. After heating your dab bowl or dab nail for 14 to 30 seconds or setting your e-nail to the perfect temperature, you will then go ahead to scoop your concentrate into the nail.

A metal dab tool is used to scoop the concentrate into the banger. When the nail  gets hot, it melts the concentrate, which turns into a vapor that is inhaled. Many people who smoke use a small Carb Cap to get more vapor.

Some of the carb caps for sale include:

  • Titanium Carb Cap

  • Ceramic Carb Cap

  • Quartz Bubble Carb Cap

  • Quartz Wand Carb Cap

  • L.I.P. Quartz Bubble Cap

  • Trinity Carb Cap 

To get the vapor you can inhale, you will need to heat your banger at a higher temperature. However, you must be careful not to overheat it. High dabbing temperatures are not favorable for dabbing since they may burn or destroy your concentrate's cannabinoids.

Read More on Ideal Dabbing Temperatures

Bee-nails.com offers stylish devices that let you practice dabbing without having to give up the ultimate pleasure of cannabis smoking. These gadgets are easy to use, safe, and practical to ingest cannabis concentrates.

About Dab Rigs

Dab Rig

Heating a dab rig

A dab rig is a pipe chamber made of glass that has become the most loved dabbing tool amongst newbies and veteran dab users.

The main difference between a dab rig and a bong is that while dabbing using a dab rig, one uses a dab nail or a banger and not a bowl. 

There are different designs, sizes, shapes, and even the quality of dab rigs for sale in the market today. In addition, you get a wide range of dab materials to choose from based on your dabbing needs. 

Dab Rig

The Dab Rig's every inch exudes flair. The honeycomb  pattern streams from its mouthpiece as active honey bees work on honeycombs in the water chamber. Its curved neck leads to a fat pedestal base adorned with more honey bees. 

The dab rig masterpiece is finished with a bespoke honeycomb fat base offering our customers the best dabbing experience.

After buying your rig dab online and other dabbing accessories, you would first have to learn how to dab using the apparatus. Afterwhich, you can go ahead and dab your concentrates like a pro. Don't take the words just for it. Check this YouTube Instructional video on dabbing.

Once you get started with our high-quality dabbing accessories and get used to it, there's no going back!

On top of your dab rig, you'll also need a bee-nail, a mat, and a carb cap. To choose the best rig for dabbing, you need to know a few things about its standards and the dabs you want to ingest. Our rich-in-swag collection can't miss something for you to wear either.

We offer glass dab rigs available in several sizes, prices, and designs to save you the hustle. Yours is to choose the one that your eyes will fall in love with!

Types of Dab Concentrates You Should Know

The phrase "concentrates" serves as a catch-all, but the world of dabbing is vast. Dabs come in various concentrations, textures, consistency, and flavors depending on the pressure and heating process used to generate them. 

Due to a large number of varieties, each has its unique name. There are numerous cannabis concentrates, including oil, wax, crumble, hash, shatter, and many more. Given they are all consumed in the same manner, what is the actual distinction between the various types of concentrates?

To keep things simple, it's all about the process of retaining the desirable components of the plant (such as terpenes and cannabinoids) while purging the other plant materials. This is accomplished in one of two ways: through Extraction or concentration.

  • Cannabis Concentrates 

  • Cannabis concentrates are produced by CONCENTRATING the trichomes of a cannabis plant via a mechanical process.

    Several popular types of Cannabis Concentrate include the following:

    • Kief: Without realizing it, you may have created this concentrate! Kief is a result of hemp flower grinding to form a finely powdered substance. An extremely potent addition to dab rigs for dabbing or joints.

    • Hash/Hashish: This is produced by squeezing kief into a ball or disc. Hash is darker in color and offers a more flowery flavor. For hundreds of years, humankind has used hash to concentrate flowers!

    • Bubble Hash/Ice Hash: The flower is filtered through cheesecloth with ice cubes to freeze the flower trichomes. Bubble hash is often described as having a thin coursy texture, similar to kief.

    • Hash Rosin: Is one of the more expensive dabs on the market due to its high terpene content. Hash Rosin has a varied consistency. In the making of hash rosin, no solvent is used. Instead, pressure is applied at various temperatures

    Read more on advanced concentrates. 

    As mentioned previously, these dabs come in a range of concentrations, sizes, and physical shapes. Selecting the correct one allows you to perfect your dabbing technique. 

  • Cannabis Extracts 

  • A cannabis extract is prepared by EXTRACTING the necessary cannabinoids using an additional solvent (removed after the procedure). Some of the solvents used in the cannabis extraction process include Propane (PHO), Butane (BHO), ethanol, and alcohol.

    The following are some of the most prevalent types of Butane Hash Oil (BHO) Extracts in the market today that you can use in your dab rig.

    Sugar Sauce: is sticky and thicker than most liquids. The sugar sauce cannabis concentrate exists in a small, crystal-like form.

    Sap: is an oozy and soft substance that is not as fluid like cannabis oil.

    Wax: one of the widely available kinds of BHO on the market, wax is solid but malleable.

    Crumble: little more challenging to work with than wax; crumble easily disintegrates when touched.

    Honeycomb: As its name implies, dabbing honeycombs are brittle but soft. They resemble a bee's honeycomb.

    Source: pixabay

    How to Dab Correctly

    E-Nail Infographic

    After becoming familiar with dab rigs, dabs, and accessories, it's time to learn how to safely dab. 

    The following are some excellent ideas for getting started dabbing:

  • Get a Dab Concentrate

  • To begin dabbing, you will first require a concentrate. It would help if you noted that concentrates are good for your health. Hence, you should purchase dab concentrates from a reputable seller with knowledgeable budtenders. 

    Whether you're purchasing budget-friendly dabs or the highest-quality extracts, ask the budtender querries to narrow down your options. If the concentrate appears to be very dark, contains other particles, or exhibits an unusual characteristic, request a different concentrate manufacturing brand.

  • Get the Rig Ready

  • After preparing the concentrate, it's time to put in place your dab rig. With rigs, the primary safety concerns are the glass's quality and the dab station's stability. 

    When dabbing, selecting a high-quality banger and rig is critical, as the rig will be subjected to heat and repeated use. 

    The best material for bangers is crystal, which can withstand moderate and high temperatures. On the other hand, the bee-rig hive kit is ideal for beginners for various reasons: they are simple to operate, versatile, durable, require little maintenance, and come 100% dab ready out of the box, just add dabs

    Nautilus Hive Enail Kit

    Nautilus hive Enail kit

    As well, all the dabbing accessories in the bee-rig hive E-nail kit are compiled for you by our team of experts.

  • Heating The Nail/Banger 

  • When heating your banger using a bee-nail, it is critical to sufficiently heat the rig but not so much to a point where the bottom of the banger is red. 

    Quartz E-Banger nail

    However, the high-heat method can be used to clean the banger if it becomes dark on the inner side due to a lack of post-session cleaning. 

    Second, allow your nail/banger to cool down to favorable temperatures before dropping your cannabis dabs in. 

    Heating cannabis oil or dabs at a high temperature is hazardous to your lungs and can cause permanent damage. To stick to a safer lane, the rule of thumbs applies; Allow your nail/banger to cool for the same amount of time it was heated.

  • Start Dabbing

  • Slowly but steadily, inhale your cannabis concentrate as you frequently rotate your rig's carb cap. Rotating it will help push airflow in and out of your banger. In return, your cannabis concentrate will receive constant heating, which will turn it into vapor.

    Completely exhale the vapor after holding it for a while to be sure you have emptied your lungs.

    Is it your fast time dabbing? Ensure you sit down comfortably with water in a water bottle that will help you clear the throat after each pull.

    How Much concentrates Do I Need To Dab?

    It's essential to know how much concentrate to put in your dab rig. The amount of cannabis concentrate you will need comes down to what you like and what your cannabis tolerance looks like. 

    It also has to do with the cannabis strain you will be ingesting. Some concentrates are very strong, and others aren't that potent.

    You might have come across videos on the internet of people taking incredibly huge dabs. That way does not work for you. It will help if you take small dabs until you know how they make you feel and are comfortable with the after-effects. 

    Dabbing offers a much more intense experience if your concentrate is rich-in THC cannabinoids compared to rich-in CBD concentrates. 

    Hence, we suggest you take your time and dab a little less at first, then work your way up to more immense dab amounts.

    In general, a dab the size of a pencil eraser is about right or at least 1g on a weighing scale. That could be enough for someone who hasn't done this before, especially if they are new to dabs.

    Dab Guide Take Away

    While "dabs'' may not be the most recent method of consuming cannabis concentrates, the cannabis community is elevating the activity with the advent of " dab rigs" that are designed for vaporizing extracts and concentrates.

    Alternatively to the traditional bongs and joints, you can use dab rigs for ingesting cannabis extracts. Rigs are ideal for beginners and veterans who intend to restock their cabinets or try a better smoking experience.

    Before resolving to either smoke or vaporize cannabis concentrates, it could help if you are familiar with your state's cannabis laws and regulations.

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    Are you a complete novice or a seasoned professional? Let the reader know about your dabbing experience right here!