It’s a little known fact among dab users that if you know how to control the temperature of your vape or e-nail properly, you waste a whole lot less of your concentrates and can taste a lot more of your cannabis terpenes. 

The temperature of your e-nail or vaporizer should adjust based on a couple of factors, being how much vapor you want to consum, the type of cannabis concentrate, and what type of materials you are using to consume the concentrate.

In general, you want to have your e-nail or vaporizer set somewhere in the 500°F to 800°F range, but as this guide will show, there is plenty of room to find your own preference. The Bee-Nail v2 E-Nail is preset to 710°F to give users a nice starting point to dial in their preference. 

Large Hit or Prolonged Flavor?

The main and most noticeable difference between higher and lower temperatures is the harshness and strength of the hit. This is the first factor to consider in getting the hit you are looking for, as it has the biggest effect on where you should set your vape or e-nail.

Higher temperature dabs, at around 600°F to 800°F, produce more vapor but may burn off certain terpenes, sacrificing some flavor.

Lower temperature dabs, at around 500°F to 600°F, do not produce as much vapor but these low temp dabs preserve terpene profile a little bit longer contributing to better flavor. 

Remember high temp dabs equal more vapor but less flavor and low temp dabs give you less vapor but more flavor. Choose the right temperature that works best for you!

Different Dabs Need Different Heats

Various heats work better or worse for various concentrates. Generally, if the concentrate tends to be really viscous and it liquefies and pools in the bottom of your nail or atomizer, such as with shatter or distillates, it requires a higher heat to be able to fully vaporize without collecting and being hard to consume.

If you find that your concentrates are being incinerated or leaving behind un-smokable black residue consistently, as may happen with some dry cannabis concentrates like your waxes and crumbles at very high temperatures, you will want to turn it down.

The more viscous the concentrate, the more likely you will need a higher temperature to ensure that it has all been consumed. Below is a short list of suggestions for some different concentrate styles and what temperatures work best for them. Use this as a way to compare your concentrate to some of the more well-known varieties out there, and play around with the highs and lows of each section to figure out what works for you.

Low Heat (400°F to 500°F): Wax, Crumble
Mid Heat (500°F to 700°F): PHO, BHO
High Heat (700°F to 800°F): Shatter, Oil

Atomizer or Nail Material

Most vaporizers and e-nails are equipped with safe materials but not all vaporizers are safe. Safety is a top priority at Bee-Nails and that is why you will only find medical and food grade materials with the highest boiling points to avoid the potential of inhaling any toxic fumes. The three most trusted materials are titanium, quartz and ceramic. 

The Bee-Nails GoBee Portable Vaporizer comes equipped with a dual quartz coiled atomizer in a ceramic chamber with titanium coils, including the three top rated vaporizer materials. 

There are other good materials out there that other vaporizers may have like aluminum and stainless steel but with higher heat capabilities with an e-nail the three mentioned materials are most recommended.

As an example, the boiling point of aluminum is only 1220°F compared to the higher boiling points of quartz at 2192°F, ceramic at 3000°F, and titanium at 3034°F. Higher boiling points means less probability of toxic fumes in your lungs. 

You also have to keep heat retention in mind because it's not all about heat resistance. Glass nails have a very high melting point but they can easily break at very high temperatures and don't retain heat very well.

Instead, opt for titanium, ceramic or quartz nails to go with your e-nail. Not only do they retain heat more effectively, but they can reach much higher temperatures without danger of damage.

Choose safe vaporizers. Be sure to check for suggested temperature specifications to make sure you are not going to fry any circuitry. Usually, vaporizers can handle all temperatures suggested in this list, but some models may only support specific wattage and therefore restrict your temperature options. Happy vaping!

By Erik Petrovich, Bee-Nails

Updated by Ali Abouzalam