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After being a concentrate connoisseur for any decent length of time, you might find yourself wondering how you can make your setup even better and more functional. Sure, having a pipe, percolator, nail, and heating apparatus is enough to get you high, but if you want to make the process even easier and accessorize your setup, consider investing in some of these small yet incredibly useful dabbing accessories.

Tool Clip

If you want to make dabbing more convenient, and want to stop losing your tool after a smoke session, consider buying or building your own tool clip. The purpose of a tool clip is to attach to the stem of your rig and keep your tool securely in place while not in use. It’s a simple purchase that makes dabbing a little less stressful, as long as you remember to attach the tool to the rig again after you’re done!

High-Quality Tool

The quality of your tool is surprisingly important. I have personally had tools that straight up melt in front of my eyes while heating them up with a torch to make gathering dabs easier, and I have had tools that can take any amount of heat and glow an ever brighter tint of red.

Oddly enough, glass tools are one of the best for heating up for cleaning, but are incredibly fragile and completely shatter if dropped even once. Aluminum and tin tools are very durable, but when heated up, can begin to warp and even break apart.

In general, titanium is the way to go, as the material balances long-term durability and can withstand event the hottest of nails.

Carb Cap/Nail Cap

A carb cap, or nail cap, is a small piece of glass or ceramic that can be used to cover the nail immediately after taking a dab, stopping any smoke from escaping into the air. This allows you to get the most out of your dabs by keeping the extra concentrate smoke inside the nail, so that when you are ready to take another hit or pass the rig to someone else, there will still be a good amount of smoke ready to be breathed in.

If the longevity of your supply is a concern to you, a cap can help you to get as much of the concentrate in the nail used up as possible without having to worry about losing it to the air.

Dabbing Mat

A dabbing mat is essential to making sure you avoid unnecessary breaks and cracks in your rig. Having your rig sit bare on a wood table or ceramic kitchen island can be dangerous as the glass base often has nothing to grip onto, making slips and accidental knockings-over much more likely. If you don’t plan on moving your rig around too much, a dabbing mat can provide a great surface for the base of your rig to grip onto.

They’re often made from a similar material as mouse pads, and you can get a huge variety of cool designs and looks to make your setup look all the more stylish.


These four accessories might seem small, but they can make dabbing much more convenient and reduce the risk of breaking or damaging your rig and supplies. Next time you hit up the headshop, see about investing in one of these useful items!

By Erik Petrovich, Bee-Nails