From passion to professional

How JCruz turned his music obsession into a creative career

 When we met digital creative Josh Butcher (aka JCruz), he was working at a local dispensary, where he’d already come to know and love the Bee Nails brand. 

 Josh had been making music in his free time for more than 17 years and utilizing cannabis to keep him focused and channel his creative energies. He’d been dabbing since dabbing became a thing, and found the clean, more focused high to be more effective professionally and recreationally. Josh also realized the importance of consuming in a healthy and efficient way and became a connoisseur of e-nails and wax dab pens when they first came out. 

 At the time, Bee Nails was looking for help with its product videos and after learning that Josh had a background in recording arts and was looking for a place to put his videography skills to work, we knew it was a match made in heaven.

 Josh has been a Bee Nails creative partner ever since, and is largely to thank for our gorgeous product videos that capture the magic of our dab pens and rigs for our online shoppers. He’s also responsible for a ton of our web design, product design and other marketing content that helped get Bee-Nails recognized as a company that produces the best dab pens and dab nails. 


 “I was able to completely quit my 9-5 and go all in with my dream to begin a real production company with Bee-Nails being my first real client,” he said.

 His company, Mad Rez studios, now helps dozens of other small businesses and artists create professional music from their home studios. Josh is still our go-to creative partner and an advocate for the accessibility of cannabis worldwide. He continues to utilize cannabis to avoid distraction or as an inspiration enhancer when he feels stuck creatively—an especially important tool for the 12+ hour long video editing sessions. 

 “Cannabis truly helps me Bee My Best in my everyday life,” he said. “It not only is a great way to be social, stay happy and live a stress free life; it actually helps me immensely with my daily work as well. I would like to see it continue to shine in places where it hasn’t been able to before to spark new creativity and ideas across the world!”

 To learn more work with JCruz, visit his website or find him on YouTube/Instagram at @madrezstudios.