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Early summer in Colorado is a fantastic time to find ways to GoBee. There is still snow in the mountains to snowboard, boats are floating either on lakes or down rivers and the mountain bike trails are ready to put two wheels on. This GoBee adventure takes us to Little Scraggy.

Two men in their late 30’s met up to get in some riding. Both of these men would consider themselves conscious cannabis users. While data doesn’t show that cannabis enhances athletic performance, these two know that it helps them find a better state of flow on their bikes. While sitting in the parking lot of a Safeway one of the men rolls up a spliff while the other takes a hit of the GoBee Portable Vaporizer. They are primed and ready to roll to the trailhead.

The ritual of donning gear and bringing focus to the intense ride was in play. The cannabis consumed was bringing them a sense of calmness before the intense huffing, puffing and heart racing that was about to be endured. Both began pedaling from the car on a 13-mile ride of flowy, cinder, single track. Being in this elevated state while riding has always brought a sense of “in the zone” to both of these riders and they were both feeling it now. The ride didn’t disappoint them as it was like a roller coaster of ups and downs with drops and jumps along the way. While there was so much joy there was also pain of achy muscles and joints cause let’s face it, as we get older the body tires out much quicker.

Being a conscience cannabis user also means using it to help relieve pain. There is so much going on right now about CBD that both of these riders could not help but to reflect on how the use of cannabis has helped them with this aspect. Between the past injuries and the tired legs both men have felt the benefits of this great plant. They are not the only ones either. In this article from PinkBike you can see how it has helped so many others. Due to this fact, banned substances list prohibits every natural and synthetic cannabinoid—with one exception, Cannabidiol, or CBD. It was lifted off at the start of last year.

After the ride and a couple more hits the men went for a beer and food to gain some calories. They departed ways feeling grateful for the time, cannabis and ride they experienced. Sports and cannabis go together. Many top performers consume cannabis and claim it helps them. However, you decide to GO-BEE, do it with conscience effort.