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 If you’ve ever used our Incycler 2.0 dab rig or the L.i.P. Bubble Cap, you know our products fall right in the center of the Venn diagram of beauty and precision. Which is why when we met glass blower Philip Mathias, owner/operator of glass blowing service Little insignificant People (L.i.P.), at a 420 rally in Denver, we knew he was the artisan we were looking for.

 Philip, who’s friends call him Lip, has a background in scientific glasswork—the process of creating glass pieces and systems used in research and production, like in medical, pharmaceutical and engineering laboratories. Some of his work is actually currently in orbit on the International Space Station, on its way to Mars. Lip applies that same kind of scientific rigor and craft to his incredibly high-quality smokeware and drinkware creations.


 “My passion is glass and making things with my hands, being outside and of course my adorable pup,” Lip said.

 Little insignificant People was based in Denver for years, but recently Lip and his girlfriend (who also works with the company) relocated to Glenwood Springs, where he’s felt right at home in the local cannabis culture.

 “Cannabis has not only provided me with a way of focusing and adding structure to my day, but also an income, environment, and network of people from so many areas in life it’s hard to picture myself without it,” he said.

 Lip’s been working with Bee Nail’s for more than five years, where as both an artisan and consumer, he’s been able to design and create some of our most beloved dab rigs. You could definitely say he’s come a long way from his high school days of smoking out of an apple in the backseat of his friend’s ‘96 Civic.

Bubble Cap

 “I'm a dabber for sure,” he said. “I love a nice pungent stanky gram (or more). I dab almost any way that's effective but prefer quartz over titanium.”

 As a veteran cannabis lover, there’s a part of Lip that longs for the days before larger companies came on the scene and ruined some of the grassroots, underground vibe. As a small business with a commitment to quality, craftsmanship and industry ethics, it’s easy to see why we work well together.

 “I don't want to see cannabis become mega-corped like cigarettes, or for big pharma that has put so much money into keeping cannabis down to turn and around and profit when it finally becomes legal,” he said.

Many artisans like Lip rely on cannabis for focus and fuel, to keep them creating and innovating in their field.

Find More At: 303LipGlass.com