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How to Choose Between E-nail Dabs or Torch Dabs

woman placing wax on an e-nail

Short for "electronic nails," e-nails and torches are gadgets that make cannabis concentrate dabbing easier, comfortable, and convenient by providing consistent heating.
When choosing between the two, one should consider the e-nail vs. torch pros and cons. With an e-nail, one can set the device to dab at a specific temperature. 

Being in control of your heating device gives you more consistency with a better dabbing experience. However, that is not the case with torch dabs. But why? Let's find out!

What is An E-nail?

an e-nail is a dabber's confidant

An e-nail is an electronic dab concentrate vaporizer. An e-nail can be attached to a stand-alone dab rig or water pipe. Electronic nails can be broken down into portable or desktop like in dry herb vapes.

For heating to occur, an e-nail utilizes electric heating elements from a power source through a power cable to achieve optimal concentrate vaporizing temperatures.

a power cord connects an e-nail to the power source

Power Cord 

Electronic nails are a replacement for standard nails. As with e-rigs, an e-nail can be set to a given dabbing temperature.

What Is a Dab Torch?


a blowtorch is used in heating traditional nails

Butane Torch Source

A dab torch is a small blowtorch that you can use to heat your quartz banger to melt the dab concentrate or rosin in it.

A dab concentrate is a singly-inhaled small portion of a smokable extract or concentrate. The cannabis concentrate portion is carefully placed on a hot banger or dab nail with a dab tool before the smoker inhales the resulting vapor.

E-Nail and Dab Torch Similarities

For Use with Concentrates

Both e-nails and dab torches are designed so that you can use them on the identical product: cannabis. You may not be able to smoke vape e-juices or dry herbs and other vape products with a dab torch.

Use with a Dab Rig

Both electronic nails and torches can be used on heating a dab rig. They may be classified as part of the more extensive system referred to as a dab kit

Several dab rigs can interchangeably use an e-nail and a blowtorch, given that the connector is compatible with your dab rig.

A torch serves the same purpose as a an electric nail would in a bee-rig hive e-nail kit.

hive e-nail kit

hive e-nail kit

You Have To Heat Both Before Applying a Concentrate 

Despite heating an e-nail to the perfect dabbing temperature being somewhat different from using a torch, both have to heat the banger till it's hot before a concentrate is applied. 

With an e-nail, you will need to set the dabbing temperature that you want to dab at and the heat is delivered directly from you enail control box to your enail heating coil.

With a dab torch, you will have to manually monitor the heating of your banger until it is red hot, then allow it to cool before adding a concentrate, given that you cannot regulate the heat with a torch.

Use with other Dabber Tools

Both e-nails and dab torches can be integrated into a dab system to ensure you receive the best out of your dab concentrate.

A dab tool will help you spread a concentrate on an e-nail for your wax to burn evenly.

Use with a Carb Cap

ceramic carb cap is used to regulate airflow

A ceramic carb cap regulates the amount of air to the nail, whether you are using an e-nail or a torch. As the name suggests, a carb cap is used to "cap" your dab nail to enhance your vaping experience.

E-nail Vs. Torch Dabs Differences

Blowtorch vs. Electricity Heating

The heating mechanism between an e-nail and a torch is one of the biggest outliers you will notice between the two. 

In torch dabs, you will have to heat your nail with a butane blowtorch. Once your torch is super-hot, you will have to give it some time to cool, and then you will apply your wax. 

Usually, in a dab session that involves torch dabs, you will have to heat your nail several times.

An electronic nail uses electricity to bring your nail to temperature. It does not require any form of cooling as traditional dab nails do. 

You will have to set your e-nail's exact dabbing temperature, and it will heat to that point, as noted in our guide on how to have sex while high.


E-nail dabs are easier to use than torch dabs. 

e-nails ease of use

After connecting it and setting your ideal temperature, all you should do with an e-nail dab is switch on the power source. 

A torch dab requires several pieces of equipment, the basic one being a blowtorch. Then, you should frequently be heating the dab nail so that it does not cool down.

Safer Dabbing

Using an e-nail to dab is safer than using a blowtorch. Having no openly blowing up flames would mean lesser risks of unintended fire accidents that may include burning yourself. 

With an e-nail, you don't have to worry about how to handle a hot nail or be unsure if it is hot. Just make sure you or your pet don't trip on the enail cord while its hot!

Should I Buy a Torch or an E-Nail? 

The Verdict

Fortunately, there is no wrong answer to the kind of device you should be using or end up purchasing. The best dab tool is the one that lets you dab at the right temperature while giving you the best experience. 

If you like low-temperature yet safe dabs that will leave you with the best experience, you should buy an e-nail.

Where to Buy E-Nails 

You can buy e-nails at Bee-nails. Our dabbing hive kits are loaded with e-nail kits, including trinity nails, ceramic nails, and American-made dab rigs as well as more affordable imported rigs that match a silicone container and mat. 

If you have a question about dab rigs or e-nails, contact us, and we will get in touch with you.