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Clean bangers provide a more flavorful, robust taste, look nicer, and last longer. If not kept clean, your bangers can become dull, cloudy, and yellow; and you’re better than that.

Today I want to teach you how easy it is to take care of and improve the longevity of your banger, in just a few simple steps.


How To Clean Your Quartz Banger


Quartz Enail Banger

Step 1 (Maintain a Clean Banger). After each dab, allow the quartz ample time to cool for 30 seconds to a minute. This will allow the puddle to solidify enough to stay in place but has a somewhat liquid-enough consistency to lift away.

Using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, gently remove the residue and use the dry side of the swab to mop up any extra alcohol. NEVER use bleach, acid-based cleaning products, or rough, abrasive tools to clean your quartz banger. Always opt for something gentle, like a cotton swab.

Step 2 (Deep Clean). Using a ziplock bag, combine a high-percentage isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt and add it to the bag before placing your quartz e-banger inside. Let it soak overnight while this powerful solution works around the clock to cut through all that dab residue.

Step 3. After soaking, remove and rinse thoroughly under warm water. Wipe off any residue once softened, using a blunt but soft tool to gently scrape off the excess.

Step 4. After the worst of the gunk is removed, heat up the banger to 600-800 degrees fahrenheit. This will make remaining residue, if any is left, easy to remove. Wipe the bowl with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab and allow the quartz banger to cool until it is safe to run the swab around the bowl.


Cleaning Your Ceramic Nail

Ceramic Nail

Step 1. Pour isopropyl alcohol with equal measure of salt into a ziplock bag. Seal your ceramic nail inside and give it a little shake to get the party started. For best results, through the baggy, gently try to push the salt into hard-to-reach areas under the dab nail to loosen up some of the resin. Let soak for 30-60 minutes minimum (overnight is best).

Step 2. Remove your ceramic dab nail from the cleaning solution and rinse off any remaining particles. ALWAYS rinse thoroughly after soaking your nail in the cleaning solution as it can be dangerous if inhaled. This step in particular, for obvious reasons, isn’t something you want to half-ass. Rinsing for 2-3 minutes should do the trick.


How To Properly Clean Your E-Nail Temperature Control Box and Cords


Enail Cords

Step 1. Unplug the electric nail from the wall and remove power and heating cords from the temperature control box. With an alcohol wipe or something similar, wipe down all of the connection cords and the temperature control box, removing any dust or residue. Avoid getting any of the cleaning solution inside of the actual device.

Step 2. Reattach all e-nail cords and plug back in. As a best practice, power off the enail when not in use and reset the electric nail if you notice any issues. For safety reasons, it is recommended not to use any off-brand cords.

A few things to note: Low-temp dabs (400-600 degrees) are essential to keeping your quartz looking and tasting great. While these steps are tried and true, cleaning your products is not an exact science and may take some practice to get into a good groove.

Following these tips will greatly improve the longevity of your pieces and help you to Bee Your Best. Watch the video tutorial on how to clean your quartz banger here. If you found this information helpful, Join the Colony and subscribe to our newsletter.