How To Find the Best Dab Nail (Titanium, Quartz, or Ceramic)

Lady dabbing using the best dab nail

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Dabbing is one of the best ways to consume your cannabis with a dab nail since it is super potent and affordable. Apart from using e-rigs, vapes, and atomizers, you can also use an e-nail to dab your cannabis concentrate

However, before you hop into the dab boat, you will need to have the best dab nail (also called a banger for certain styles) to ensure you get quality hits. In several cases, getting one tends to be breathtaking. The best dab nail is the one that will make sure you get exactly what you want. 

Even though it's confusing, do not get worried. We are here to help you choose one. This blog talks about everything you need to consider before picking the right dab e-nail.

Domed vs. Domeless Dab Nail

There are two categories where dab nails can be classified: Domed nail or domeless.

A Dab nail is a key to a better concentrate dabbing experience. Before dabbing, you will have to heat your dab nail, then add a concentrate.

A nail that needs a dome tags along another step to dabbing. Frankly, domed nails are getting phased out and a little bit more old school these days.  A dome is a piece that can be slipped over a non-vented dab nail. A dome is a device that lets dab users draw vapor into rigs.

Domed nails tend to be relatively cheaper, while the dome (or 'hood') is sold separately. Domes' advantage is that they let you jazz your rig with cool designs. 

Domeless dab nails are more popular and available today. You don't need to have a dome around this nail because you will use a seperate dab tool called a carb cap to trap the heat for your dabs. High-quality domeless nails are reliable and convenient. Hence, dab-lovers' pick.

Titanium, Quartz, Ceramic: How to Find the Best Dab Nail

Once you have selected whether to use a domed or domeless nail (honestly, just go domeless), you have to decide the material your dab nail should be made of. 

While temp-controllable e-nails have overtaken the nail market recently, they may be out of your budget (sometimes). Most dab nails are available in ceramic, titanium, or quartz.

Quartz Dab Nail

Quartz dab nails are among the best since they offer ultra-smooth concentrate flavors with no smell. While they may look like glass nails, you will identify authentic quartz if it has an engraving.

Quartz dab nail

A quartz Infinity nail offers high-quality dabs; it is easy to clean and lasts longer, given that it is made from hard material. Several nails contain vertical intake holes for smooth rips and keeping your nail clean!

Quartz nails heat up quickly. Once it's hot, you may add your dab concentrate, spread it evenly, and then dab.

Titanium Dab Nail

Titanium dab nail

Titanium dab nails are the most common heating element for oil, wax, and concentrates dabbing. The wide use results from their durability. Good ol trusty T is extremely strong and will never break on you! Unlike glass nails, titanium nails do not crack easily or shatter on impact when incorrectly heated.

Titanium may require a longer time to get hot than quartz and glass dab nails but retains its heat longer. If you are a dabber, who finds pleasure in low-temperature dabs, getting your ideal dabbing temperature on titanium dab nails might take longer than quartz nails.

Titanium nails cool faster than ceramic dab nails. Hence, the time difference is insignificant.

It would help if you noted that you should invest in a new carb cap if you buy a new domeless nail of any kind. 

Cyclone carb cap

Cyclone Carb Cap

A carb cap is an essential dab tool for any dabber who seeks to enjoy the full effects and flavor of cannabis concentrate.This cyclon cap works best with quartz bangers. 

Ceramic Dab Nail

Ceramic Universal nail

Ceramic Universal nails are heating elements that you can equally use to consume your concentrate. Unlike quartz and titanium, ceramic is chemically inert. Hence, it offers more heat retention time. You may get several dabs from your ceramic nail with just one heating session.

A new ceramic element for heating is considered to be medical grade. Hence, ready to dab without necessarily having to season your nail. Because of its dense material, a ceramic nail will require more heating than a titanium or quartz nail to attain the ideal dabbing temperature.

Ensure to heat your ceramic evenly before dabbing. Otherwise, it may crack or break. You only have to worry about even heating if you use a torch because an e-nail heating coil will perfectly wrap around the ceramic nail and heat it evenly. Although a ceramic dab nail is short-lived, it has an exceptional flavor.

Do you like dabbing with clean domeless ceramic nails? Our wide selection of ceramic nails can fit any joint with the fitting ceramic carb cap!

Finding The Best Dab Nail

After knowing how to dab cannabis and the types of dab nail material, your role will be to pick the nail you feel is best for you. Weight each material's pros and cons, and consider your nail preference while keeping your budget in mind. 

You should as well take note of your dabbing habits. While some nail materials are relatively cheap, they may not last long. Hence, you will have to replace them more often if you are a regular dabber.

Choosing your best dab nail is a personal decision, depending on what works for you.

Finding The Best Dab Nail: Bottom Line

Like other tools for cannabis intake, dabbing is a personal experience. The dab nail you choose will allow you to personalize that experience further in the best way.

Ultimately, only you are in a position to tell which is the best dab nail for your dab setup.

While you may find it overwhelming to choose at first, you will learn that understanding each nail's advantages and disadvantages will help you decide.

Given that our trinity nails are compatible with three primary dab nails, you might try all of them, then narrow them down to one that gives you better hits and master it better.

Whether you choose a titanium nail, quartz nail, or ceramic nail, put what will work for you first. From there, ensure it fits your dab rig. Every draw will translate to a pleasurable experience with the right dab nail.

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