How to Have Great Sex While High

How to have great sex while high

Get stoned with an e-nail before sex.

Having sex while high with a bee-nail e-nail is a great adventure worth exploring, at least if you haven't. They are two pleasurable sensations brought together. Which stoner wouldn't love it?

When high, you are likely to be in touch with your feelings. As a result, you will be able to understand your own body, sexuality, and emotions while having sex stoned. All you will need is the right tools with a bit of knowledge on how to get it done.

Bee-nails e-nail kits are a potential aid to act authentically and honestly when in thoughtful moderation. It's easier said than done; getting down to it takes a different path. In this blog, we will discuss what great stoner sex takes. But first, 

What Does Research Say on Sex While High with a Bee-Nails Hive Kit?

According to Dr. Eisenberg (Stanford University), smoking marijuana has more in-between bed sheet success stories

As well, in a recent online survey on men & women titled "How Cannabis Alters Sexual Experience," the NCBI concluded that marijuana might help in:

  •  Heightening sensitivity to touch

  •  Enhancing relaxation

  • Increasing feeling's intensity

As a result, you are likely to have a pleasurable sexual experience.

In a movie "Annie Hall," the eponymous character prefers smoking joints before bedtime. She says it helps her relax and fall into the having sex mood. However, her male lover purports it cheapens their adventures.

 Although there exists remarkable dissimilarities between enhancement and dependency, Annie must have been up to something.

Researchers continue to study the relationship between marijuana and sexual desires, having found earlier breathtaking results. 

Plus, several other studies in historical records have reported sex while high. However, they focus on men. 

For instance, in a 1979 study published in the Clinical Psychology Journal, scientists sampled 84 students and asked them what they knew about sex and weed. 

In the sample, 39 percent of the men had tried having sex while high as the entire group concluded that the bee colony smoking weed might help enhance sexual pleasure. 

Bee colony e-nail

As well, e-nail kit users tend to have intense orgasms, and it needs to be considered an aphrodisiac.

Bee-Nails Guide to Stoner Sex

There are things marijuana concentrate dabbers should know before trying sex while high.

1. Choose The Right Dab Tool; Preferably the Bee-Nail Dab Kit

To get high with sex, you will need to pick the best bee colony dabbing tool. The e-nail, e-rig, or banger you choose will greatly determine how easy your smoking experience will be before sex. 

Dab tools come with different materials and styles, and they may be sophisticated or simple. As dabbing continues to be popular, the range of dab tools available continues to increase. Hence, users can effectively enhance their experience.

Bee-nails offers the best dabbing tools to give you the best smoking experience.

Bee-nail dab kit

An e-nail kit comprises of the following tools:

  • Nautilus Recycler Dab Rig

  • Bee-Nails E-Nail

Read more on how to use a quartz e-nail

  • PID controller

  • Silicone mat and Container

  • Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil 

  • Trinity Nail Set


The bee colony dab kit may include a dab nail and premium dab rig.

2. Pick Your Ideal Concentrate Strain For High Sex

Certain cannabis strains are more likely to lean towards stimulating sexual hormones than others. As well, they offer a higher cerebral mood. 

Try to figure out the strain that will prime you before the big night. Sativa strains tend to lean towards enhancing mood and sensitivity. As earlier stated, everybody responds differently to cannabis. Hence, before using your concentrate with an e-nail, do prior experimentation.

Remember? Do what turns you on. If you are smoking for the first time, start with minor dab hits from your e-nail as you figure your way up.

3. Don't Get Into The Game If You Are Not Ready For It.

Your body operates so that it gets aroused before you have sex. Having sex while not feeling the urge to may not be the best experience, even if you are stoned. Being stoned will make you feel "weird" or skeptical about your better half in moments. 

It might feel hard to impress while you stoned because of the hyperaware feeling that may accompany the vapor that runs through your dab rig. Hence, anything else you will be doing out of will may not work.

4. Yes, You High, But More Foreplay Please!

Foreplay is essential for stoner sex


Yes, foreplay feels nice, but you shouldn't shortchange it. The more you do, the better your stoner sex. Before lighting up, think about how you are going to smoke. If things are heating up quickly with your partner you may not have time to roll a blunt or pack a bowl. 

To save you from killing the mood, bee-nails offers the best e-nails for sale that you can switch on and leave on with the flip of a switch so you can be ready to smoke at anytime instead of rolling your flower.

But still, do not get too stoned for "stoner sex." Use the time saved from rolling blunts to seek a better and longer foreplay experience.  Especially for a woman, missing it equates to having no sex. You don't want to go through that.

Just play with that mound on her lower back or cleavages while smoking. That's how bringing the two experiences together will blow joules of orgasms.

5. More Lube

There have been claims that weed may lead to a cotton honeypot. As much as it turned out to be another hoax, weed gets you dehydrated. Hence, it might affect the female genitalia. Also, nobody wants to be making out with a dry ass mouth!

You might be a proponent of using lubes, but it is a must while stoned. Lubes will keep you wet for a slippery experience.

6. Take Breaks In-Between

Having sexual pleasures over a bee-nails enail  (you stoned) may be a breathtaking experience. It is okay to take breaks even when in the middle of sex if taking a break is what you feel like. 

Breaks will help keep your experience authentic and enjoyable. They will also help you assert and respect your desires with your spouse. You may check our best kits below.

While resting, you may cuddle, go back to a light foreplay session or talk until you both feel ready for it. Wouldn't that be a pleasurable sex experience?

Take Away

Bee-nails offers high-quality e-nails, rigs, and smoking accessories to ensure you have a better high while having sex.

Want more of Stoner Sex with our Bee Hive Nail Kit? Please keep checking our blog section for a series of spiced-up dab content. 

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