How to Maintain a Quartz Banger

how to maintain a quartz banger

cleaning a quartz banger

How to Maintain a Quartz Banger

Get the best hits out of your Bee-Nails Quartz Banger by learning how to clean and maintain your dab accessories. Quartz bangers have become one of the most popular tools to consume concentrates. From dabbing to smoking and even vaping, quartz is an excellent material for all types of concentrate consumption. 

Cleaning your quartz banger is one of the most important things you can do to keep it in good condition and ensure that your e-nail kit delivers potent hits every time. When done correctly, cleaning removes residue from your banger and prevents unwanted tastes from entering the mix. Hence, no more weak hits or foul flavors. We'll go over tips on how to maintain your quartz banger so that it stays clean and fresh for years to come!

Buy Quality Quartz Banger

Just like an e-nail investment, quartz bangers are worth it. Quartz is not as fragile as glass, so you don’t have to worry about cracking it when you drop it on the floor. It is easier to clean than glass ones. They do not absorb any residue, making your dab session easier and tastier. 

Other quartz banger pros include:

  •  It can withstand high temperatures without melting or cracking under pressure.
  • Enlarged angle design - Bee-nails quartz banger nail has an enlarged angle design, which makes it easy to clean.
  • Flat top - making concentrate intake more thorough.

Investing in quality bangers like Bee-Nail's 14 MM Quartz E-banger Nail leaves you with a sturdier e-nail kit with rig that will last you for years if taken good care of.

quartz banger infograph

Maintaining a Quartz Banger

To ensure your quartz banger lives to give you quality dabs, these actions may help reduce its wear; taking dabs at an ideal temperature, timing dabs, and cleaning your quartz banger after every session.

  • Dab at Low Temperature
  • Cold-start your e-nail to achieve low temperature dabs. Dabbing at a low temperature helps preserve terpene profile and concentrate flavors more than high temperature dabs, which burn terpenes. 

    The Bee-Nails v2.0 has a preset temperature of 700 F, which acts as a starting point. You will have to adjust it to your preferred best temperature to dab.

    “I keep my e-nail kit controller box set to 500 because I love taking low-temp dabs.”
  • Clean after every dab session
  • Cleaning as you go may seem stressful, but wax residue remains on your banger every time you take a dab. Try to remove the wax before it sticks to your banger. You can remove the wax using a cotton swab to maintain the freshness of your banger.

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    How to Clean Cloudy Quartz Banger

    Cleaning your banger/ bowl will depend on how much dirt is on it. If you dab for too long without cleaning, your banger can be coated in thick dark gunk and be cloudy.

    Before discussing how to clean your dab banger, we should discuss what to avoid.

    First, never use acid-based cleaning agents or bleach. Instead, we recommend 99% ISO alcohol with distilled water.

    do not use bleach to clean your banger

    Next, do not use abrasive brushes or rough tools, as they will wear or tear the surface of your banger. Instead, while wearing gloves, use a cotton swab or Q-Tips to clean your dab quartz e-banger.

    use cotton swab to clean a banger

    With the help of a cotton swab, you can clean a dirty quartz banger.

    Now let's learn how to clean:

    My Banger Turned Black

    You intended to clean your used quartz banger, but other commitments came. You had to leave and attend to them; this happens more often when your quartz banger gets gunk.

    All is not lost, as you can follow these steps to clean the thick layer of dark brown or black residues in your dab banger:

    Assemble the following tools and accessories:

    1. Ziploc bag
    2. 99% ISO alcohol
    3. Coarse salt
    4. Cotton swabs and Q-tips
    5. Warm water

    STEP 1. Soak your quartz banger in coarse salt with 99% Alcohol.  

    Put your banger in a Ziploc with coarse salt and 99% ISO alcohol. The mixture will help cut through the dab gunk. Preferably, soak it overnight.

    STEP 2. Rinse with warm distilled water. 

    After an overnight soak, rinse your quartz banger with warm water.

    STEP 3. Scrape off the remaining residue with a cotton swab.

    A cotton swab will quickly remove the soft residues without damaging your quartz banger.

    STEP 4. Wipe the banger with Q-tips soaked in alcohol

    Wiping the bowl will rip off fresh puddles and yellow residue.

    STEP 5. Using dry Q-Tips, wipe excess alcohol

    STEP 6. Repeat the cleaning process until your quartz banger is as clean as when you first used it.

    My Quartz Banger is Light Brown/ Yellow

    Quartz bangers get dirty quickly, so clean immediately after dabbing. Steps 4 - 6 from above will help for a yellow quartz banger. 

    Finally, it might help to note that a cheap banger could mean it will discolor quickly, has poor temperature resistance, and won't offer quality dabs. Instead, we recommend spending a little bit more on a quality banger. The initial price may be high, but your banger will last for years, saving you the pain of replacing a broken quartz banger.

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