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Knowing which device to use plays a significant role in determining the experience you will get from your dab when it comes to dabbing. The material it is made from will also determine its quality and how long your e-nail might last to sustain your dab needs.

Yet there are other things that you have to know, knowing how to handle your quartz enail will give you the best out of your concentrate.


Quartz Enail

This ultimate guide to Using A Quartz E-Nail will provide you with everything you need to know for a 100% satisfying quartz experience. But, first things first,

What Is Quartz?

Quartz is a mineral that is a preferred dab nail for e-nails because it is strong and can tolerate ultra-hot temperatures.

Quartz can only be broken if dropped onto a tough substance while smoldering. With these qualities, investing in a quartz e-nail for your dab rig is a decision you won't regret. Unlike titanium dab nails that can potentially alter your dab's taste, a well-cleaned dab nail will give you the best out of your terpenes at low temperatures.

Choosing A Quartz Nail

Dab Nails


If you need an dab station that will last long, it is best if you go for a high-quality electric nail and dab nail that will bail you out.

While buying a quartz nail, the general rule of thumbs applies; the cheaper your quartz, the higher the chances of imperfections and thinner glass hence less resistance to heat.

Carb Caps

Carb Cap

If you opt for a domeless dab nail or using a banger, a carb cap is a valuable device that may help you not waste your dab concentrate. The Quartz bubble Carb cap is a must-have dabber tool that offers the best low-temperature dabbing experience.

To use your carb cap, slip it over your dab nail. It will lock in heat for your concentrate to smolder slowly. Bee-nails.com offers you high-quality carb caps that will help you preserve your concentrate by maintaining heat while your quartz may be cooling down.

How To Use a Quartz E-Nail

Step 1: Choose Your Quartz E-Nail

The quality and strength of the quartz e-nail you will pick has a lasting effect on the experience you will receive while dabbing. Choose quartz nails that are of high quality. Quartz nails heat up quickly as well.

Step 2: Attach Your Quartz E-Nail to Your Dab Rig

Most quartz dab nails or bangers slide right into your dab rig and then you attach the enail heating coil to your dabbing nail. Some bangers have an arm for the coil to rest on while different designs allow the coil to slide over the top of the nail. There are also special quartz bangers with extra safety that have a pin on the bottom that secures the coil onto the quartz banger as shown below. 

Enail Kit

At this point, your setup should be complete and attached to the dab rig.

Step 3: Connect The E-Nail's Control Unit To a Power Source

For a better dabbing experience, sit next to a power supply plug that will help you power your device. Be careful not to have wires of the power cord or enail coil in places that may be easy for a person or pet to stumble on. 

Step 4: Power up your device. Then, set the temperature you would live to dab at.

After switching your e-nail on, it may take up to two minutes to get to the 710 degrees preset temperature - It is the ideal dabbing temperature to start at and then you can dial in your dabbing preference from there. 

How To Clean a Quartz E-Nail

E-nails are a bit more complicated always to keep clean since they are constantly on heating. Therefore, the dab user should remove their oil quickly from the banger with cotton swabs before it vaporizes thoroughly.

Removing liquid oil before it thoroughly vaporizes brings us to the common mantra "waste to taste." In several cases, one may feel that wiping their e-nail clean misuses the rich resource- liquid oil.

However, if you prefer to keep your quartz e-nail clean, the tips below may help.

  1. Run your quartz e-nail errands at relatively low temperatures. For the sake of your nails, you shouldn't burn all the oil on your dish.
  2. After removing the carb cap, cotton swab quickly any liquid oil residues.Quartz Cleaning
  3. It might be tempting to draw several hits over many sessions without disturbing your carb cap if the oil is not yet depleted. While it helps get the best out of your budget, it may result in crusts building up in your e-nail. Hence, it would help if you considered cleaning your tool after 1-2 draws.
  4. Telling whether there is still liquid in your dish might be challenging; however, if you see some vapor still rising, there is still some oil in the dish. Hence, you should remove it cleanly.
For a better dabbing experience, you may consider timing your dabs. Instead of monitoring the heating process, you will be at the advantage of removing the oil quickly after dabbing. By regularly cleaning e-nail, you will have the prestigious award of exquisite flavors over time and again.