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Dabs are great. We all know this, but it can be frustrating at times when you want nothing more than a delicious toke from your go-to rig, but you either can’t break out the massive butane torch or are miles away from the nearest electrical outlet to use your e-nail.

Don’t worry, Bee happy, because Bee-Nails has you covered!

With the goal of uncompromised portability, Bee-Nails has unveiled the ultimate portable wax vaporizer — the U-Joint.

Transform Your Portable Wax Vaporizer Into An E-Nail With The U-Joint

The U-Joint, short for Universal Joint, allows you to combine the convenience of the GoBee portable wax vaporizer with the unmatched experience of using your favorite dab rig. This means no longer are the days of relying upon a hefty (and sketchy) butane torch or even an e-nail to get your favorite dab rig setup up properly heated and up and running in no time. This opens up new portable possibilities for all Bee-Nails products, and allows you to filter and control the vapor production from your pen by allowing you to combine it with your favorite dabbing rig — anytime, anywhere!


How Does The U-Joint Work?

Having your Gobee connected to your rig as a substitute dab nail, in turn, provides you with the same perks of a collection of various dabbing nails. Rather than use a torch or e-nail to heat up your nail and concentrates, you can connect your GoBee portable wax vaporizer pen to one end of the U-Joint and your dab rig's water stem to the other.


Simply heat up the GoBee vaporizer pen, breathe in the same way you would with your rig - and voila! Your portable wax vaporizer now has filtration, percolation, and all the other perks that only a dab rig can provide without having to buy expensive, customized setups.


The U-Joint kit comes with a variety of different shapes and sizes of glass to connect to a wide variety of dab rig setups. No matter what shape, size, or complexity your dabbing rig setup has, the U-Joint kit has the perfect attachment for you to transform your GoBee portable wax vaporizer into a portable e-nail.

If your dab set is relatively simple with an upward pointing stem, use the curved glass piece to attach your GoBee vaporizer pen. If your setup has multiple percolation and filtration chambers, try a straight one if the stem points down, or a twisted one if the setup is especially complex.


U-Joint Perks: Take Your Rig On The Go

The U-Joint is great for portable, on-the-go dabbing as well as stationary and indoor dabbing if you can’t get your hands on a traditional e-nail from Bee-Nails.


Using this portable wax vaporizer built for portable use and durability in conjunction with the U-Joint kit and your favorite portable dab rig will reduce your carrying load by taking out the need for propane tanks and torches altogether.


This means that your next trip to the mountains, to the beach, or wherever you opt outside can be accompanied by a simple, delicious dabbing experience, and you can reduce your impact on the area around you by removing the need for noxious butane fumes.


Don’t have a GoBee portable wax vaporizer? No worries! You can order the GoBee Plus and U-Joint Bundle online today to start enjoying portable dabs and join the Colony!