Is a Wax Vape Pen Worth It?

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A wax vape pen is designed specifically for use with cannabis concentrates. Unlike flower pipes and joints, they don't just burn the plant material. Like an E-nail, wax vape pens warm the wax to a certain degree so that it can be inhaled. This process is called vaporization, and it's what gives these types of vapes their name. 

Wax vape pens are also known as dab pens or vape dabbers because they are used to inhale concentrated cannabis extracts called dabs (aka shatter, wax, or hash). A vaporizer pen can be used with many different kinds of concentrates -- waxes, liquids, and even dry herbs -- although some models only work with one type.

Wax Is a Highly Concentrated Version of THC and CBD, the Active Ingredients in Cannabis

Wax is concentrated version of THC and CBD

The wax itself is made by pouring the liquid form of cannabis over a plate and letting it evaporate into a gooey, sticky substance. Wax can be used for dabbing, which simply means applying the wax to a heated surface (also called a nail) or using it with other devices like vape pens under controlled dab temperatures.

Many people use cannabis concentrates for several reasons: some people have developed higher tolerances from smoking weed for long periods of time; some people find that concentrates are easier to use and carry around than regular buds; and some prefer the stronger, more intense effects that are often brought on by consuming cannabis concentrates.

Whichever reason you choose, wax is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already!

Wax Vape Pen Advantages

Some of the wax pen pros include:

Wax pens are portable, easy to use, and easy to load.

Wax dab pens are portable

Wax pens are, by far, the most convenient and least conspicuous way to get a hit of wax. You can carry it in your pocket and use it whenever you want. They're also easy to use even while you're out in public: they're small enough that nobody will notice them.

Plus, wax dab pens are incredibly easy to load up and use. The loading process is as simple as taking your concentrate, adding it to the tip of your nail, coating the coils at the bottom of the atomizer with a thin layer, then securing on the mouthpiece. 

With such a simple design and so few parts, there's no need for any complicated steps or procedures; just charge it up when needed, dip it in your favorite concentrate, and start taking huge rips.

If you are more of a video person, this one's for you. No complicated instructions here – just check out our step-by-step guide on how to use a wax vape pen

Wax Pens Give a More Powerful Hit Than Other Options

If you’re ready to get high, wax pens are the way to go. The cannabis concentrate is much stronger than dry herb or oil. You only need a small amount of wax to get a powerful hit.

Wax pens are portable, but they can also be easy to use. Do you know how it feels when someone walks by smoking weed and you can SMELL it? That won’t happen with your wax pen – not even close.

Wax Pens are Discreet Compared to Other Methods

If you’re going to consume wax, you’ll want a device that is discreet. Wax pens are very easy to carry in the hand or pocket and they can be easily used anywhere that vaping is allowed.

Unlike torches and dab rigs, they are also odorless, so you don’t have to worry about anyone catching wind of what you’re doing.

The only downside to wax pens is the vapor created which smells like burnt rubber. However, with the best dab pen practices, you will still be good to go!

Better than smoking or consuming edibles

Vaping using a wax pen is better than smoking

According to Forbes, Vaping is overall the best way to consume marijuana if you’re looking for a healthier, more discreet, cost-effective and convenient experience. It’s also easier on your lungs than smoking. Plus, the vapor tends to have more flavor and aroma than smoke.

However, vaping isn’t the same as smoking flowers. If you want to vape budders or waxes, you need a wax pen to do so; it won't work with flower vapes. Wax pens are designed specifically for concentrates and offer better dabbing temperatures than regular vapes, which translates into richer flavors when vaping oils and waxes.

Bee-Nails Pollinator

bee-nails wax dab pen pollinator

The Pollinator is the most versatile dab pen in the vape industry! Unlike ordinary oil pens or wax pens, you will get incredible ways to vape at your fingertips.

Whether it is time for your favorite cannabis concentrate dab or even e-liquids, you will vaporize smoothly with our 3 in 1 pen!

Pollinator Benefits

  • 3 in 1 oils,  dabs, or e-juice versatility
  • Easy to clean and clean
  • Preheat functionality for fast usage
  • Preserves flavor of your terpene profile
  • Sleek & discreet design 

As well, the Pollinator has several vape components that you will use for oil, e-juice, or wax.

Take Away

Ultimately, a wax vape pen might make a better choice than a typical vaporizer. There are different models and options to choose from these days, but if you're looking for an effective yet affordable way to enjoy wax vaporizer catered for on-the-go use, utilizing a wax vape pen may be the best decision.