Is an E-nail Worth It?

are e-nails worth it

Is an E-nail worth it?

Short for electric nail, Enails are technological innovations and an equal investment for any enail dab kit owner who intends to get the best out of their dab. Before spending on the best enails for sale, here is all you should know.


The dab game continues to advance as you can buy multi-colored bangers, convoluted percolators, portable vaporizers, and high-quality enail accessories. 

Enails happen to be a part of a professional dabber's repository. Not everything that people talk too much about may be as helpful as you could imagine. Some go beyond the margin. 

With the buzz around enails, we just have to hunt around whether e-nails are worth the investment or not.

Pros and Cons of E-nails

Enails are shrewd incorporation for any enail dab kit owner. It is an unfailing tool for having a low-temperature dab without using butane torches.

With a torch, a dab timer, and patience, dabbing may be tiresome. Before we think that an enail could better replace torches, let's break down the ins and outs of an enail.

Enail Pros


Unlike torches, several enails in the market today are relatively smaller in size. Hence, one can carry their e nail with them while traveling. You may as well carry it along to your friend's place if you plan on social smoking. 

More Affordable

Given what an enail has to offer and how long they stay while serving your needs, they tend to be affordable. Despite being relatively expensive, the price is accounted for in their efficiency. You buy an enail once and that's it unlike buying butane refills forever for any torch. 

In the manufacturing process, enails use intricate technology and materials.  However, smaller ones are better for a dab user on a water-tight budget.

More Features

The hi-tech used in an e nail tags along with it more features and sophisticated accessories. As well, they offer a wide array of features and outputs. With just simple customization, you will have an enail dab that suits your needs perfectly.

Easier To Maintain & Operate

An e nail has low maintenance, and it is user-friendly. It has a small surface area that is easier to clean and doesn't need prior skills. 

Enails have less complicated buttons and extensions, and they are easy to operate for a fulfilling dabbing experience.

E-nail Cons

Maybe Out of Budget

With all the lucrative features that e-nails come with, they may be pricy. Hence, bigger ones are often out of budget and may draw you back in some sought.

However, if using dabs holds a better part of your smoking life, you may consider saving some bucks for a premium Bee-Nail enail. But, if you are into the game, splurging on random nails may not offer you the best experience.

How Will an E-nail Help Save?

While spending, to begin with, Bee-Nail enails will always keep your cash flow at a minimum after buying them. Below are some of the ways you will save in the long run. 

  • You do not need a butane torch. Enails help you do away with torches. Hence, you will not need to budget for one or subsequent replacements. No matter how little the savings will be, they will add up.

  • An e nail will help conserve your dab. Dabbing at low temperatures offers potent concentrate vapor. As well, low temperatures won't exhaust your concentrate quickly. Instead, it will burn slowly.


With all these, you will learn that enails are worth it. If not for nothing, they offer an intricate feeling to dabbers. For many dab users, that would be the long-sought convincing they seek.

Stay Safe with an E-nail Dab

If you have used a dab before, you know that safety comes first. Even after eliminating a butane torch from the dab equation, things may go south if you dab carelessly.

An E-nail can heat up to 1,000 Fahrenheit degrees (or more). Hence, you must be vigilant because you are responsible for your wellbeing and the safety of the people around you.


It would help if you kept your e-nail off and away from the power source when not in use. Also, store it in a safe place, away from children, animals, or anyone who does not know how to use the e-nail.

An E-nail That Will Get You On Dabbing

You do not have to be a veteran to know how to use a quartz e-nail. Even the veterans started from somewhere. 

Hence, it adds up if you need a beginner guide to dabbing. At Bee-nails, we have beginner-friendly bee-nail e-nails that will help you get your dab done.

Quartz E-Banger Nail

The Bee-Nails E-Nail is a revolutionary dab tool. Unlike other nails, which have dishes for the concentrate, this nail has a bucket! Being fragile, it should be handled with optimum care. 

quartz e-banger nail

Quartz E-Nail

Our colony members can consume vast amounts of dabs with consistent heating from the 20mm e nail coil with this nail.

 Other features include:

  • Fits the 20mm Heating Coils

  • 14mm  and 18mm (female or male joint)

  • Quartz Banger whose side hooks will hold your heating coil

  • Bee-Nails Carb Cap

  • Don't take our words just for it. Watch this Instructional Video on How to Use an E-Banger with Nail for big dabs.

     Bee-Nails Carb Cap

    To regulate airflow, you will need a bubble carb cap. Being relatively smaller in size, you can carry this cap with you. 

    quartz carb cap

    Quartz Bubble Cap

    With this quartz cap, you will get familiar with using e-nails without getting overwhelmed. A Carb cap will help you ingest low-temp dabs without observing too many technicalities.

    Final Verdict: E-nails Are Worth It!

    If your go-to method for cannabis consumption is dabbing, e-nails will count. With constant practice, you will reap the benefits of living automated lifestyles. As well, you will save a few bucks for a concentrate.

    All aside, the Bee-nails e-nail is a premium dab tool that comes in handy for your cravings. 

    Our online store offers enails made from different materials with the best technology. You won't miss one that suits your needs and budget.

    It would help to note that despite their size, E-Nails have Something for you. Regardless of the one, you will pick, you will get a consistent and streamlined way to enjoy your dab. 

    Overall, a bee-nail enail brings your dab rig to speed and maintains optimal Dabbing temperatures for as long as you will need it.

    Do you have any e-nail needs we should address? Kindly, Contact Us!