When you want your e-nails and glass rigs shipped on time and safely, you need someone with as much enthusiasm for the product as you. Casey Norgard, the shipping manager for Bee-Nails, has been with the company since the start of this year, but that wasn't where his experiences with Bee-Nails began. 

Casey was born and raised in Fort Collins, and has lived here for the majority of his life. He started working at FedEx in recent years, and met the owners of Bee-Nails while on the job. He owned a small variety of Bee-Nails products already, including a GoBee vaporizer pen and E-Nail setup - he says he loved his e-nail so much because he could turn it on in the morning and it would be consistently hot until he went to bed.

So when he was offered a job managing the company's shipping, Casey happily took it and became an employee rather than simply a fan of Bee-Nails.

Representing Rocky Mountain High School, Casey became a state champion wrestler in 2008, and continued with the sport until he discovered weed and that he didn't like the difference between High School and College wrestling.

He didn't smoke much in high school, and stuck mostly to flower, but nowadays he prefers concentrates, specifically live resin.

One of his first experiences being high was when he found himself as the passenger in a car going through a canyon. Being his first time, Casey said that he began to feel as though the car was driving up a 70 degree incline, rather than a mellow hill. 

In freshman year of college, he was again high as the passenger in a car near his grandparents' farm. He and some friends had smoked a bowl, and were driving along the road when a deer came out from the brush and started not only following the car, but sprinting alongside it. It was a strange yet beautiful event.

In addition to managing shipping for Bee-Nails and working for FedEx, Casey has a third job: he helps to produce and setup the lighting and special effects for various electronic shows in Denver. He said he got the job because he was high at the right place at the right time when he was walking down a street in Denver and saw a guy making a giant dragon head in a garage. The guy was making a prop for an electronic show coming up, Casey asked if they were hiring, and the rest, as they say, is history.

He has done this for five years now, his most notable work probably being working to setup the Global Dance Festival each year with effects company RYTHM EFX, but his work is not just limited to that.

Casey has also worked with electronic and other modern artists in setting up their special effects, with acts spanning from Carnage to The Chainsmokers.

In his free time, Casey has been getting into first-person-view and freestyle racing drones. Imagine seeing the world from above through a blend of virtual reality technology, GoPros and flying drones - with goggles, a good camera, and a reliable drone, you feel like you're seeing the world like a bird, he said. He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads some footage from these excursions.