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If you have been looking for a portable vape pen tutorial, welcome to the right place. So, what is a portable vape pen? Generally speaking, a portable vape pen is an electronic and easily transportable device that heats e-liquids, dry herbs or concentrates into vapor for on the go consumption.

Today we're going to focus on portable vape pens for waxes and concentrates. This article gets into some details and technology, but I encourage you, stick with me through this portable vape pen tutorial because at the end, you’ll know everything you need to in order to have the best hits of your life. If you are more of a “video person”, checkout our YouTube video on the topic by clicking here.

Let’s dive in!

Technology and styles of portable wax vape pens are pretty regularly evolving, and before I go over how wax and concentrate vape pens work, we have to talk about heating technologies, the primary components, different styles and then review the most versatile vape pen in this space.

I know this sounds fancy, but having a solid understanding of this goes a long way in giving you that incredible experience you are looking for.

There are two primary heating methods in the vaporizer industry: conduction heating and convection heating.

Conduction heating heats up your concentrates by direct contact and then produces a vapor. Convection heating heats up the concentrates by circulating heat around it and then inhaling the vapor. Usually, convection heating takes place with dry herbs.

Now, there is one emerging technology we are now seeing in vape pens that includes induction heating, which is the heating of an electrically conducting object by the electromagnetic induction through heat generated in the object by eddy currents.

What does all of that mean? Well, don’t worry about it...we will get into that in later posts.

Today, I want to review how most common wax and vape pens work using the primary technology of conduction heating so you can have the information you need to have a dope experience. In essence, look at this article as your portable vape pen tutorial whenever you have questions.

Most portable wax vape pens have three primary components, a battery, a heating chamber or atomizer and a mouthpiece. Portable Vape pen batteries are usually powerful lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable and able to reach high enough temperatures (exceeding 400 degrees) to vaporize concentrates.

The heating chamber or atomizer is where your concentrates are placed to be heated until they produce vapor. The atomizer or heating chamber is usually attached to your battery.

The mouthpiece is the part that is attached to your atomizer or heating chamber where you draw the vapor from with a light inhalation.

Now that you understand the three components of a vape pen, let’s talk about different styles.

The Dab Pen

First off, we have the traditional dab and wax pen. This is by far the most convenient way to vaporize your concentrates. These are pen style vaporizers that typically utilize heating coils or ceramic chambers in their atomizers that heat up your concentrates.

Many are 510 threaded batteries that can be used with standard oil cartridges. You can get these prefilled at dispensaries and they are extremely convenient.

The E-Nail

Next, we have a portable e-nail (short for electric nail). I like to call this the hybrid style. The portable e-nail has gained a lot of popularity recently and is very similar to dab or wax pens. The primary difference is the mouthpieces large enough to have water filtration and it gives an effect similar to dabbing with an at home desktop like having a torch or enail combo.

Now, you definitely sacrifice some portability for water filtration and those larger mouthpieces. So the hybrids have combined some of the benefits of the portable and desktop setup.

The Smart Rig

Finally, we have the smart rig or e-rig, which I like to call the portable desktop setup.

Smart rings are more of an all in one device combining qualities of dab pens and portable e-nails. The mouthpieces on smart rigs are even larger than portable e-nails and can include more intricate bubbler and recycler functions for better statics and water filtration to make the cleanest hits. 

The only downfall about smart rigs is you heavily sacrifice portability. You may not need to plug it into a wall or have a torch on hand, but you are essentially using a good sized rig with this style and that takes up space.

Here at Bee Nails, we have continued to develop our award-winning and patented GoBee product line to make sure we consistently add value to our current customers. The GoBee is the most versatile vape pen in this space because we are continually releasing new products, but also adding to our existing product lines.

The GoBee is the most versatile vape pen on the planet because it can easily function as a dab and wax pen, a portable e-nail, and a smart rig. Doesn’t get better than that, right?

The GoBee has a battery with a lifetime warranty, a dual quartz coil atomizer, and your mouthpiece.

But, it gets better because we can transform the GoBee Plus into a portable e-nail vaporizer by attaching the GoBee recycler.


This beautiful aesthetic attachment adds water filtration for smoother hits.

The best part is you can also transform any rig you own into a Smart Rig system using our patented GoBee U-Joint design. Simply attach your GoBee to the U-Joint and attach it to any rig, no matter what size.


We have covered a lot of ground in this article. You now have the info you need to get the best portable vape pen on the market.

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