Portable Wax Vaporizer vs. E-Nail: Which Is Best For You?

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Whether you’re brand new to the world of concentrates or a seasoned expert, here at Bee-Nails, we thought it would be beneficial to our colony members for us to outline the key similarities and differences between our e-nail dab rigs and portable wax vaporizers in order to help make the decision process easier for you when determining which is most keen to your taste.


Dab Rigs vs. Portable Wax Vapes: An Introduction

Over the past few years, concentrate, or wax, has become an increasingly popular go-to option for many, and the technology behind it has a great deal to do with why.

Here at Bee-Nails, we love dabs, as we believe they provide the purest and most flavorful experience. In the past, though, many people have been hesitant towards them due to the stigma behind having to use dangerous butane torches to light their dab nails. Thanks to Bee-Nails, though, this is no longer a concern, as we have taken the best dab nails and combined them with modern technology to give birth to the Bee-Nails e-nail.

What’s An E-Nail?

We’re glad you asked. E-nails take the danger out of dabbing by using an electronic heating element for getting your nail prepped for dabs rather than depending on an open flame. Not only does this take a significant amount of the danger and stigma out of using a dab kit, but it also provides you with a cleaner taste, free of butane and other chemicals used for dab torches.


When you use an e-nail for your dab rig, once your nail is heated, it is ready to go for as long as you so choose. This means gone are the days of having to break out the torch to reheat your dab nail every time you go to use it with these safe, consistent, and simple to operate e-nails.


So, now that concentrates vaporization has moved fully electronic, making it simple for all to partake, which is the best option for you? An e-rig or a portable wax vaporizer? Let’s dive into the details of both to determine the answer.


Portable Wax Vaporizers

Bee-Nails Portable Wax Vaporizer
Bee-Nails Portable Wax Tank


Portable vaporizers came onto the scene roughly a decade ago now as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and have been a hit ever since with new versions coming out what seems like weekly. These little devices are no longer just for nicotine consumption, though; they are also quite handy for those beginning to dabble in the wonderful world of wax concentrates. Many people that tend to be hesitant towards using larger dab rigs and nails are more open to trying out a vape for wax. For the most part, wax pens are far easier to operate and maintain than their larger, glass counterparts, and they also are less conspicuous when you are toking out and about. This is in thanks largely to the massive overtaking of nicotine vaporizers that have become so commonplace that people don’t even bat an eye in public when they see a vaporizer pen being puffed.


With that being said, dab pens, or portable wax vaporizers, are by far the most popular, simple, and efficient method available to consume wax. They give you the freedom to experience a similar concentrate output to a standard dab rig anytime and anywhere. They feature a ceramic chamber, similar to a ceramic nail, but with dual quartz rod coils which serve as the heating element for your dab pen.


One downside to many portable wax vaporizers is the danger of them accidentally firing while in your pocket or stored away in a bag when traveling. Luckily, we designed our Bee-Nails wax pens with this concern in mind and built in a high-tech touch sensor that knows the difference between an accidental and purposeful firing.


Overall, portable wax vaporizers are perfect for the beginner wanting to wade their toe in the water before moving onward to a full dab rig with an e-nail. They also offer a more affordable option than most complete dab sets, making them ideal for the entry-level wax enthusiasts or as a great addition to the collection of an experienced dabber.



Bee-Nails E-Nail E-Rig

While there are certainly perks to a portable wax vaporizer, there’s something about a dab rig that simply can’t be beaten. Being made of glass may have its share of concerns, but these are outweighed by the benefits that can arise from a beautiful piece of glass that leaves you behind a cloud of haze that is unrivaled in portable pens. The flavor of your concentrate is taken to an entirely new level when used in a dab rig, and users can even receive a heavier dose of phytocannabinoids, which is a major priority for those using their concentrates for medicinal purposes.


Similar to portable wax vaporizers, e-rigs feature either a ceramic, titanium, or quartz nail in most cases that is used to heat your concentrate to the ideal temperature for vaporization. This is where rigs that incorporate e-nails truly stand out compared to traditional ones. Rather than using a torch that gets your nail red hot, combusting your concentrate into smoke rather than vaporizing it, e-rigs give you complete control over your nail’s temperature, so that you can ensure there is no combustion occurring and you can find the ideal temperature that suits your taste.


Carb caps are the other element involved with a dab rig that can be confusing to many first-timers. These are small dome-shaped pieces, made of either glass or ceramic, that you use to cover the top of the dab nail when you are going to draw from your rig. The carb cap is what allows the concentrate being vaporized to be pulled up through the piece and inhaled without allowing vapors to escape out of the nail into the air.


As far as usability goes, an e-rig gives you a much wider scope of capability than a regular dab rig that uses the traditional torch method, but they are not portable like their wax pen counterparts. You get a much simpler way to enjoy the benefits of a full-blown dab rig by choosing an e-nail dab set, but they do require a power source in order to heat your nail. If you’re the type of person who likes to enjoy your concentrates from the comfort of home, though, this shouldn’t be much of a concern. Most wax enthusiasts don’t find carrying around a large piece of glass to be very stealthy or practical anyways. But if maneuverability is something that is a priority to you, then a portable wax vaporizer may be in your best interest.



Whether you are searching for a new product to help you get the most out of your wax concentrates, or you are new to the wax vaporization scene, you can't go wrong with giving either an e-rig or wax vape pen a chance. Both may seem daunting at first, but we hope we’ve helped clarify information on how each works so that you can make the choice that’s best for you and begin enjoying the wonderful world of wax for yourself. Check out our entire inventory of the best dab pens online and one-of-a-kind e-rigs at Bee-Nails to get started on your journey and join the colony today!


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