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How Paul Good powers his photography company through creativity and cannabis. 

Paul Good has known for a long time that creativity and cannabis go hand in hand. 

As the CEO and founder of Demeter, a lifestyle photography company, he’s dedicated to helping small businesses in the cannabis industry think creatively about their branding and photography through photoshoots, giveaways, collaborations and more. 

Paul Good Bee-Nails


One reason that Paul is so good at what he does is he knows his audience intimately—he’s used cannabis since he was 16 to relax, connect with other people and most importantly, to tackle projects that require a new perspective or deep focus.

“My relationship with cannabis is quite dynamic,” he said. “I use it for everything from a relaxation method to a thought provoking catalyst.”

His preferred method depends on the occasion. 

“When on the move, it's hard to beat the convenience of a dab vape pen or my GoBee Plus,” Paul said. “When at home and I want to focus, it's time for a focus dab, a sativa dab with the intention of finishing the problem/project that I am stumped on. When hanging with friends, it's passing around the bong or joint, conversing and sharing as a group.”

Which is how Paul met Ali, who turned him onto the e-nail. The two were at a party (back when those were a thing) and immediately hit it off over their shared pursuit of running a world-class company in this budding industry. 

Since then, Bee-Nails has had the joy of partnering with Demeter on three different photoshoots and giveaways, and continued to share industry insights and experiences. Demeter has really helped bee-Nails showcase its' best dab pens and electric dab nail through creative photography. 

Good hopes the cannabis industry will continue to evolve into a tool to help consumers everywhere be their healthiest and happiest. 

“The pursuit of happiness is a phrase that has always resonated with me,” he said. “I have taken it as people can pursue their own happiness as long as it doesn't invade someone else's. That is where I hope to see the cannabis industry evolve, with cannabis being a widely accepted medium to connect with yourself or others.”