How many times have you broken some part of your bong? Meet the Invincibowl team! Founded in late 2019 and moved from Los Angeles to Phoenix.


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Invincibowl is a small business consisting of myself, Gloria, my husband Jeff, and our friend Matt. It all started when Jeff noticed I was breaking bowls and downstems nearly once a week. It was not just frustrating, but incredibly wasteful. Using his mechanical engineering wizardry, Jeff created a bowl that is not only indestructible, but also resolves dreaded product loss and filthy bong water. Initially the product was just for me, but when we saw how incredibly beneficial it was, we knew we had to do something about it. We have since focused on the development and implementation of dependable and groundbreaking products to solve more of these problems. We have
since grown our product line and hope to continue to do so in the coming years.


What is your relationship with Bee-Nails? What do you think of when you hear Bee-Nails?

We came across Bee-Nails on Instagram around the time we started
Invincibowl. We have been so impressed with the products as they have
revolutionized the vaporized smoking experience. We are inherently drawn to
not only the team but, the colony- Sharing a space with cannabis lovers from
all over the world with similar passions. It opens up a network that allows
cannabis enthusiasts of every level to assemble in one safe space- it just
doesn’t get any better!


What is your relationship with or how do you feel about cannabis?

I (Gloria) have been smoking cannabis for nearly 15 years. I have always loved the versatility of using cannabis both medicinally and recreationally. It is a source of great relief and it pains not just me but, this entire company, to think there are people in prison over plants.

What was the inspiration behind your craft brand?

Our inspiration stemmed from a gap in the market. As a long time smoker, I
had never found an adequate alternative until Jeff created Invincibowl.
Traditional glassware is beautiful but, my daily driver has and will always be
my InvinciBundle. The cleaner smoking experience was a critical piece to the
puzzle. I had been struggling to find a cleaner substitute for years but, the
Invincibowl screen is unmatched. Having a dirty bong is not only gross but also exasperates my health concerns. As a respiratory patient, I have found it
personally helpful to have a smooth draw with an easy pull. The double
filtration is a total game changer.


How would you like to see cannabis evolve in this industry? What do you think
the future of cannabis looks like?

Just in the last few years we have seen a major push from the public to
legalize cannabis, rightfully so. Regulatory change seems to be on the horizon
but, that does not mean we are free to let off the gas. It is our hope that
cannabis becomes an accessible option for all. The fight for legalization


How do you use cannabis and/or other tools, rituals, and habits to
#BeeYourBest in your life/brand?

Cannabis is an integral part of each of our lives. We all consume to varying
degrees but agree that the plant is imperative for our general well-being. It
keeps the balance but furthermore, it melts away the ego.


What does #BeeYourBest mean to you?

To Bee Our Best means making it a priority in our lives to serve others.
Whether that be through our work or community engagement. We strive to
better ourselves in a positive way and hope to leave a lasting impact.


How can people see/reach you?

You can find us at or on Instagram @InvincibowlOfficial.
We also have a few videos up on youtube channel, “Invincibowl”!