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“…So how do I smoke out of that?” 6 Unique Dab Rigs for Pop Culture Fans

Dab rigs and bongs are pretty simple devices at heart: they’re basically one long tube with a hole leading to a smoke source, aaaaaand that’s about all there is to it. Over time, the formula has gotten a few additions, like percolators, ice chambers, and other things to make the process of smoking easier, but recently the interest in ultra-specialty pieces has been steadily rising.

Completely mad men and women around the world are now creating glass rigs that are completely unrecognizable as smoking devices due to their complexity and artistic beauty – some of them even look like characters and figures from your favorite movies and media.

Here are six unique dab rigs based on pop culture references that will have you wondering how on earth anybody could actually use them for concentrates.


The Llama from Fortnite
Morty and Pickle Rick
The Kool-Aid Man (with a scar)
Kang (or Kodos?) from The Simpsons


By Erik Petrovich, Bee-Nails


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