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The Bee-Nails Stinger Portable Vape Pen leads in concentrate vaporizer technology with the industry's first reliable, reusable, and eco-friendly wax cartomizer. The Stinger Portable Vape Pen can be used for oil, wax, and even your favorite e-juice. 

Stinger Portable Vape Pen

The Stinger comes with two cartridges, one standard oil cartridge and one Bee-Nails patented wax cartomizer. The Stinger battery is a 510 thread attachment so you can attach any of your favorite cartridges to your Stinger battery. The standard oil cartridge is best to fill with oils that come in a syringe. You simply remove the mouthpiece and insert your oils with the syringe into the cartridge. 

You want to know what the best thing about this portable vape pen is? This wax cartomizer helps us reduce waste by 4-1200%! 

It’s true and here’s why: One of the biggest problems in the cannabis industry is the tens of millions of disposable carts that we put in our landfills every year. With the wax cartomizer you can reload and reuse this cartridge with your favorite wax concentrates, minimizing the carts you end up throwing away. 

This might look like your normal cartridge, but don’t let looks deceive you. Inside the base of this cartridge is a ceramic atomizer with a quartz coil, which makes it the perfect option to vaporize your favorite concentrates. 

To watch the Bee-Nails Stinger Portable Vape Pen video tutorial, check it out here


Getting the perfect hit with the Stinger Portable Vape Pen is an easy 3-step process. 

First, you load up the wax cartomizer with your favorite product.

I personally like doing a mix of CBD and THC concentrates. (A special shoutout and thank-you to two of our partners: VapeNTerps for supplying our Green Crack CBD shatter and Natural Remedies for supplying the banana kush live diamonds I’ve been using lately.)

Just scoop up your desired amount and dump it right in your cartomizer. Be careful not to overload your wax cartomizer to cause stickiness and make sure your concentrates are going down into the ceramic chamber. 

Next, after your cartomizer is all loaded up, screw your mouthpiece back on and screw your cartomizer into your Stinger battery.

Lastly, hold down the button to activate the heat and you're ready to #BeeYourBest.

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