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 If you’re reading this, you’re probably a cannabis consumer that already dabs OR a consumer of flower looking to start dabbing. Either way, this blog covers the pros and cons of using an e-nail versus a torch. We’ll go over everything you need to know to decide what’s the best fit for you and Bee Your Best! 

Let’s start with the cons of using a torch:

  • CRACKHEAD - Your loved ones will think you look like a crackhead, because if you are using a torch, you do. 

  • OBNOXIOUS – Torches are very loud and you are literally holding a huge open flame directly onto your dab nail. You’re not inconspicuous at all and it’s impossible to take a secretive or quiet hit.

  • DANGEROUS - Butane is a harmful carcinogenic when inhaled and also has the potential to explode. 

  • INCONSISTENT AND WASTEFUL – You are obviously going to lose count when holding an open flame to your quartz banger and wonder, “Wait, how long have I been heating my titanium nail now?” And even if you do hold it for the recommended 55 seconds exactly, your temperature will always vary, resulting in wasted concentrates and potentially damaged tools. NOT GOOD!

  • EXPENSIVE & ECONOMICALLY INEFFICIENT - With a torch, you will have to constantly buy butane refills and fill landfills with your empty butane bottles. Not cool towards Mother Earth! 

  • THE STIGMA - Cannabis legalization is delayed when things like butane torches remain in the industry. Investors, policy makers and industry leaders will not support such a barbaric, ineffective and inefficient mode of consumption.

Next we have the pros of using a torch:




Now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss the cons of electric nails/e-nails

Cons of electric nails:

  1. NOT VERY PORTABLE: You need to plug an e-nail into a wall for power so it’s definitely not the top option for on the go. That’s why you need a high quality and reliable dab pen that essentially functions as a portable e-nail—we have you covered there.

  1. CORDS: All electric nails come with a power cord that plugs the e-nail to your wall for power and an e-nail heating coil that attaches your dab nail – whether that’s a titanium nail, ceramic nail, or quartz nail. Having an e-nail power cord and heating coil can be a hazard for a clumsy, high ass so be aware of where you are swinging your arms when telling your awesome stories to friends while you have your e-nail on! 

Pros of electric nails: 

  • PROFESSIONAL – Your friend comes over and you offer them a dab. As you switch on your aesthetically pleasing and elegant Hive Kit they think, “Wow, what a professional,” as opposed to when you fire up the torch, which makes them think, “Wow, what a crackhead.”

  • QUIET & QUICK – Need a middle of the night dab without waking up your Queen Bee who’s fast asleep? Silently flip on your beautiful e-nail with rapid and silent heating, take your dab, and get back to bed without waking anyone up with a loud-ass torch. 

  • GREEN, ECONOMIC, & HEALTHY – Compared to a butane blowtorch, the electric nail is a much safer, healthier and economic alternative. It is powered by clean electricity coming from your wall outlet as opposed to carcinogenic butane, so you’re not polluting Mother Earth and emptying your wallet with constant butane refills. 

  • PERFECT TEMP DABS EVERYTIME - Your electric nail is set to a specific temperature to the exact degree displayed on your e-nail digital control box. Set your desired temp and dab at your preferred temperature every time. The consistent and precise electric nail temperature technology means no more timing and guessing how hot your titanium dab nail is. 

  • POWER – The precise, steady and sustained temperature from your e-nail enables you to take massive dabs with ease, and is perfect for group settings. You don’t need to re-torch your dab nail every dab. You have a steady ready titanium e-nail, ceramic e-nail, or quartz e-nail ready with all the power you need to keep the party going. 

  • LEGALIZE CANNABIS – Products like e-nails make the industry more professional, accurate, and scalable, which is what will lead to legalization. Imagine a legitimate dab bar in the future with torches vs. e-nails. If you are a server you can’t deliver consistency and ease of use using a torch. With an e-nail you can. 

  • Now you know the pros of cons of using a torch to dab compared to using an electric nail or e-nail to dab. Hopefully we made it pretty clear, but if you’re still on the fence or we left you with any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

     Thanks for reading and Bee Your Best out there!