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You will find posts about cannabis industry news, the best dab pens, cbd shatter, how to dab efficiently, product overviews, and more.

You will also learn about very cool company history facts like how Bee-Nails was the first company in the space to offer a fully loaded e-nail kit that we call our Hive Kit. Or, how Bee-Nails was the first and still maybe the only company to offer a 3-in-1 dab nail called our Trinity Nail. This titanium nail base comes with two interchangeable dishes that allow you to have a ceramic e-nail, quartz e-nail, and titanium e-nail all in one!

Be sure to also check out our YouTube channel for information via video where we cover all of our e-nail and portable vape pen products in great detail. Enjoy our blog page and remember to Bee Your Best!

Can Cannabis Help with Nerve pain?

Can Cannabis Help with Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain can be mild to severe, but it is never fun. Although doctors and pills provide some level of relief, experts continue to explore cannabis’ potential in health conditions like pain as a potential natural remedy.
How Cannabis Affects PTSD

How Cannabis Affects PTSD

PTSD can be complex for victims to treat. Many have turned to dabbing low-temperature cannabis concentrates and medicinal marijuana to help manage their PTSD symptoms.
Young woman releasing hit smoke

Do the Effects of the Hit Increase If I Hold It for Longer?

It is normal to wonder if holding your hits longer will make them more potent. Given that many factors influence how high you get, you need to understand how a hit is broken down and the effects to experience.
Are there any benefits in cannabis usage?

What Are There Benefits to Cannabis Usage?

Cannabis has been getting more popular during the past years. More new states continue to legalize medical marijuana across the United States. You may use marijuana with your best e-nail accessories for recreational purposes. Yet, there's more to it than what meets the eye.
Discover the best dab nail for your e-nail

Best Dab Nail for Your E-nail

The best dab nail for your e-nail is the one that works for you. You’ve got options. With each, be sure to get the best dab experience.
E-nail vs Dab Pen: pros & Cons

E-nail vs Dab Pen

“They’re a tastier, more efficient, easier to use, and safer alternative to traditional oil rigs.”
how to have sex while high - bee nails

How to Have Great Sex While High

When high, you are likely to be in touch with your feelings. As a result, you will be able to understand your own body, sexuality, and emotions while sex stoned. All you will need is the right tools with a bit of knowledge on how to get it done.
is an e-nail worth the investment

Is an E-nail Worth It?

With the buzz around enails, we just have to hunt around whether e-nails are worth the investment or not.
What is an enail dab kit?

What Is an Enail Kit?

An enail dab kit is the dabber's confidant that comprises an E-Nail, Nautilus Recycler, Kevlar, Heating Coil & cable, PID controller, Silicone mat & Container.
New To Dabbing? The Ultimate Portable Vape Pen Tutorial

New To Dabbing? The Ultimate Portable Vape Pen Tutorial

If you have been looking for a portable vape pen tutorial, welcome to the right place. So, what is a portable vape pen? Generally speaking, a portable vape pen is an electronic and easily transportable device that heats e-liquids, dry herbs or concentrates into vapor for on the go consumption. Today we're going to focus on portable vape pens for...
Go Bee Vape Pen

The 3 Reasons Why We Created The Best Portable Vape Pen On The Market

Most vape and dab pens SUCK.  Let's be real. Today, I want to talk to you about what sucks about most of the vape and dab pens on the market and tell you exactly what we did to create the best portable vape pen.   Click the image below to watch our YouTube video about the Go Bee Vape Pen...