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You will find posts about cannabis industry news, the best dab pens, cbd shatter, how to dab efficiently, product overviews, and more.

You will also learn about very cool company history facts like how Bee-Nails was the first company in the space to offer a fully loaded e-nail kit that we call our Hive Kit. Or, how Bee-Nails was the first and still maybe the only company to offer a 3-in-1 dab nail called our Trinity Nail. This titanium nail base comes with two interchangeable dishes that allow you to have a ceramic e-nail, quartz e-nail, and titanium e-nail all in one!

Be sure to also check out our YouTube channel for information via video where we cover all of our e-nail and portable vape pen products in great detail. Enjoy our blog page and remember to Bee Your Best!

can dabs cause bronchitis? (detailed explainer)

Can Dabs Cause Bronchitis?

Are there any links between dabs and bronchitis? Let's get on it to find out.
Vaping using a Wax Vape Pen Vs. smoking Blunt

Wax Vape Pen Vs. Wax Blunt: Which Wax Ingesting Method is The Best?

In this article, we will explain what wax vape pens are and how they differ from blunts. Then we'll go over why you might want to switch from traditional smoking methods to vaping. 
Stinger Portable Vape Pen

Stinger Portable Vape Pen | Overview and Tutorial|

The Bee-Nails Stinger Portable Vape Pen leads in concentrate vaporizer technology with the industry's first reliable, reusable, and eco-friendly wax cartomizer. The Stinger Portable Vape Pen can be used for oil, wax, and even your favorite e-juice.  The Stinger comes with two cartridges, one standard oil cartridge and one Bee-Nails patented wax cartomizer. The Stinger battery is a 510 thread...
Bee-Nails Cartomizer: Reusable, Reliable, and Eco-friendly

Bee-Nails Cartomizer: Reusable, Reliable, and Eco-friendly

As you toss your used-up cannabis oil vape cartridge in the trash, you might wonder, Can I recycle this instead? The short answer is no. With the popularity of vape pens and dab pens steadily rising, this is a massive problem.  Just how massive? According to BDS Analytics, the industry leader in cannabis market data, more than 25 million cartridges...
New To Dabbing? The Ultimate Portable Vape Pen Tutorial

New To Dabbing? The Ultimate Portable Vape Pen Tutorial

If you have been looking for a portable vape pen tutorial, welcome to the right place. So, what is a portable vape pen? Generally speaking, a portable vape pen is an electronic and easily transportable device that heats e-liquids, dry herbs or concentrates into vapor for on the go consumption. Today we're going to focus on portable vape pens for...
Go Bee Vape Pen

The 3 Reasons Why We Created The Best Portable Vape Pen On The Market

Most vape and dab pens SUCK.  Let's be real. Today, I want to talk to you about what sucks about most of the vape and dab pens on the market and tell you exactly what we did to create the best portable vape pen.   Click the image below to watch our YouTube video about the Go Bee Vape Pen...
GoBee Portable Vaporizer & Mountain Bikes

GoBee Portable Vaporizer & Mountain Bikes

Early summer in Colorado is a fantastic time to find ways to GoBee. Enjoy this story about two mountain bikers who enjoy the GoBee Portable Vaporizer on their Rocky Mountain adventure!
Dab pen best practices

Dab pen best practices

Our dab pens last a really long time if cared for properly—which is one of the reasons buying one actually saves you cash over the long haul.  By following just a few guidelines, you can ensure your dab pen performs perfectly, every time, for years to come.