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Most vape and dab pens SUCK.

 Let's be real.

Today, I want to talk to you about what sucks about most of the vape and dab pens on the market and tell you exactly what we did to create the best portable vape pen.


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Now, it's no surprise that most portable vape pens have issues. Users know this and honestly we get sick of it. There are so many vape pens out there that leak, don't have enough battery power, or even stop working after a few uses.

Maybe you get bad flavor or don't have a warranty. Or even worse, your vape pen has probably gone off in your pocket or your bag which does one thing...wastes your concentrate. Nobody wants that!

You bought that concentrate with your hard earned money. Stop wasting it.

The point is, there are plenty of issues with portable dab pens, which is exactly why we wanted to create a portable vape pen for you that you would never need to replace.

We set out to create the best portable vape pen, we wanted to create something that gave you the quality, the flavor, and the power of an at home E-nail setup with all of the portability of a portable vape or dab pen.

You may be asking yourself, is that even possible? I get it, it seems too good to be true. 

Well, let me show you the GoBee (the best portable vape pen) and tell you exactly what we did to fix all of the stupid issues you've had with other vape pens in the past.

 Problem #1: How do I stop wasting my concentrates?

One of the biggest issues people complained about was wasting concentrates. Usually this happens because your vape or dab pen starts firing off in your pocket or bag because of a dumb button. We wanted the GoBee to be different, so instead of a button, we put a touch sensor. You can now say bye to wasted concentrates and stupid little pocket fires with the touch sensor that only activates when you choose to activate your sensor.

That means you get more out of your concentrate. Also, you can tap five times to turn it off and it would never activate even if something touched it to turn it off.

 Problem #2: Why do vape pens never have warranties?

In my mind, when a company isn't willing to give a warranty on their product...they don't believe it.

They don't trust their product won't break, so they won't promise to replace it. But we believe in our product... and I mean we REALLY believe in it. So we decided to give you a lifetime warranty on your battery. We do this because we want you to trust us as much as we trust our product. We stand behind our products, so if anything breaks, let us know.

Also, our battery is extremely powerful, and it heats up to the temperature of an e-nail. Our highest setting on the GoBee gets to 680 degrees and ranges from 575 to 680, which is really optimal temperature for dabbing.

 Problem #3: Do vape pens have as good of flavor as an e-nail?

Lastly, we wanted to make sure that the flavor was really really good, not just a good hit, but a great flavor.

When it comes to dabbing at home, there are three primary elements that contribute to flavor: titanium, quarts, and ceramic. So we figured why not put all three of those elements in the GoBee? Seems pretty simple right? If we're creating the best portable vape pen, we should probably put the materials that give you the best flavor.

Our atomizer has a full ceramic chamber with two quartz rods wrapped in grade two titanium. There you have it, you're getting all three dabbing elements for optimal flavor and optimal power. You get those big puffs and clouds of smoke just like you would on an e-nail.

That's it. I mean, literally every crappy problem you've had with your vape and dab pens we've solved in the GoBee, the best portable vape pen. 

If you're sick of dealing with mediocre products, wasted concentrates, and below average flavor...you don't have to deal with that anymore. Get yourself a GoBee by clicking here.

And guess what? If you try it out and don't like it, I'll give you your money back which means there is zero risk to you. If you've been looking for the best portable vape pen, stop looking and get the GoBee. Do yourself a favor.

Bee Your Best.

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