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Discover the Best Dab Nail for Your E-nail

Adding wax using a dab nail

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Choosing the right dab nail for your dab that will get you stoned is one of the most complex parts of using e-nail setups. Many people spend more time picking the best dab nail that will work better than actually selecting the e-nail setup they want to buy. 

Even though it sounds like a simple question, it becomes a problem when choosing between a ceramic, quartz, or titanium  dab nail. As well, e-nail coils, which wrap around your dab nail, are available in different sizes. Hence, it would need a professional approach to finding the e-nail kit to help you have the best dabs.

If you are trying to choose the best dab nail, let us walk through it to see what would be best for you and your current needs regarding the most efficient way to vape concentrates.

Why are e-nails made from different materials

Why are dab nails made from different materials?

Manufacturers make dabbing nails from a variety of materials because of the consistency in dabs of each material, purity, and how long the material can last.

Depending on your budget and how you intend to use your dab nail, you may find that one material is more suited to your needs than another. Let's take a look at what those different materials have to offer.

Ceramic Dab Nails and Their Pros and Cons

The pros of ceramic dab nails comprise the following:

  • Ceramic is a somewhat hygienic material, which means that it won’t absorb your dabs and is easy to clean.

  • Ceramic dab nails are resistant to thermal shock compared to glass, quartz, or titanium nails. This makes them great for people who tend to change the temperature on their e-nail too often and too fast.

Another advantage with any ceramic dab nail is that, unlike glass  dab nails, they have a longer life span. Glass dab nails or quartz dab nails will continue to be fragile forever. In contrast, ceramic ones get stronger after you break into using them.

The cons of using a ceramic dab nail are as follows:

  • They can be quite fragile because they’re made from a hard but brittle material. While this isn’t always the case for ceramics, specific models can crack if you heat too quickly or for an extended period. Although it is very unlikely when using an enail compared to a torch because enails have even heat distribution with a coil while torches ar uneven since you have to heat one side of the nail at a time. 

You should also never use metal tools on a ceramic nail, as this could scratch the surface and cause corrosion over time. Make sure to find a suitable carb cap instead!

Ceramic Universal nail

Ceramic Universal Nail is our personal dab favorite! With its fantastic flavor, it cleans itself. 

  • It fits into a 20mm heating coil
  • Heatsink
  • 14mm/18mm Male/ Female Domeless Nail
  • Self-Cleaning

You will also get its carb cap and tools with your ceramic dab nail.

Titanium dab nails and their pros and cons

Titanium dab nails are relatively more expensive than other dab nail options. They retain their heat very well but don’t get nearly as hot as quartz nails. 

Titanium nails are also one of the cleanest materials, producing clean hits when heated. 

The best thing about titanium nails is that they can be used with a carb cap, allowing you to conserve your waxes and butters for more extended periods.

Because titanium is such a strong material, it's nearly impossible to break or chip even if you drop it on your floor or tip it over your rig at just the wrong moment.

Unlike quartz and ceramic dab nails, titanium never gets hot enough to burn you when touching it - though it will still give you a nasty zap if mishandled while heated!

You can use your titanium dab nails in an e-nail setup and a banger. However, when choosing Between E-nail Dabs and Torch Dabs, e-nail dabs are the best.

Universal grade 2 titanium nail

A Universal Titanium Nail will retain heat longer than you expect. Being strong enough, this 6 in 1 universal nail will withstand the test of time. 

Titanium dab nail features include:

  • Medical Grade 2 Titanium Carb Cap and Nail, Dabber. 
  • Fits Heating Coils (20mm)
  • Features a heat sink
  • Universal: 10mm, 14mm, 18mm Female and Male

Our titanium dab nail fits a standard dab rig.

Quartz dab nails and their pros and cons

Quartz dab nails are the latest innovation in dabbing, and for a good reason. This material is very pure, which means that it doesn't contain any impurities that may affect the flavor of your wax. 

Quartz nails are also very flavorful and retain heat well. Suppose you prefer to take a considerable dab; you will get it. In that case, quartz nails are preferable over titanium or ceramic because they will retain enough heat for a second dab without needing reheating. But if you have an enail, you never have to reheat anything because your nail always stays hot and at a perfect temp!

Quartz nails also tend to crack more diminutive than their ceramic counterparts and don't require much maintenance. While there are plenty of positives associated with using quartz nails, there is one obvious negative: they're expensive and fragile! Most people find the increased cost worth it because they have exceptional flavor and offer a great experience during dabbing.

Quartz Infinity nail

Bee-Nails Infinity e-nail is our newest tool in the line-up. To offer the most relaxed and cleanest dabs, it contains twelve vertical holes for dab intake. Our quartz Infinity e-nail has the following features:

  • Fits twenty millimeter Heating Coil
  • Streamline Downstem
  • 18mm and 14mm female or male or joint

With its unique design, it will enhance your dabbing experience.

How to Choose the Best Nail for Your E-nail 

Dab smoke

Choosing the right dabbing nail is not an easy task, but what isn't hard can be dull. So you will have to consider the benefits that come with each nail and measure against the cons.

Now that you know a little more about choosing the best e-nail setup, it's time to ensure that your dab rig is upgraded with the best dab nails and accessories.

Takeaway: The Best Dab Nail for Your E-nail Is the One That Works for You

The best dab nail for your e-nail is the one that works for you. You’ve got options. With each, be sure to get the best dab experience.

If you're looking for a durable option, go with titanium or ceramic. If you want a clean taste, go with ceramic or quartz. Ceramics are more affordable than the other two materials if you're on a budget. You may consider trying all of them to find the one that will work for you.

With this in mind, consider your needs and preferences before buying a dab nail from Bee-nails!